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Benu Pen Supreme Collection on @indiegogo

BENU PEN Supreme Collection: A new collection of the most vibrant and artful pens in the world! Visit the campaign here!

Benu Pens sent me one of these gorgeous Supreme Collection Nebula fountain pens to review, so that will be coming up very soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share their campaign with you because the pen is truly gorgeous. It’s glittery, well made, and writes really well. Pledges start at $98 – check it out on Indiegogo!

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen GIVEAWAY

This Pentel Tradio was sent for review by de Roos. Click the De Roos banner on the right side of this page or below and you’ll be taken to a special part of their website where you’re given a discount code of 15% that applies to the entire assortment, excluding Montblanc.  Enjoy browsing!

De Roos Banner

Length (capped): 141.5 mm/5.57″
Length (uncapped): 129.4 mm/5.09″
Length (posted): 155.0 mm/6.10″
Diameter (barrel): 6.1 – 12.6 mm/0.24″ – 0.49″
Diameter (section): 9.2 – 10.8 mm/0.36″ – 0.42″
Weight (all): 14 g
Weight (cap): 4 g
Weight (body): 10 g

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen

Sailor 1911 Standard Fountain Pen Review

This pen is from Pen Chalet – and you can use ‘sbrebrown’ for 10% off your purchases!

Length (capped): 5.25″
Length (uncapped nib-end): 4.62″
Length (posted): 6.125″
Barrel Diameter: 0.48″
Section Diameter: 0.379″ – 0.415″
Weight: 14 g

Sailor Nib Set – Extra Fine to Specialty Nibs

I borrowed a full set of Sailor nibs from a friend, so here goes with a line up of nibs!  As you can see, this is an enormous lineup of videos, so taking pictures of all of these nibs and writing samples in an enormous chore.  If you really want to see a picture of a specific writing sample or something, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

Extra-Fine Nib

Fine Nib

Medium-Fine Nib

Medium Nib

Medium Emperor Nib

Broad Nib

Sailor Zoom Nib

Fude de Mannen (Profit) Nib

Fude de Mannen Nib

Naginata Togi Medium-Fine Nib

Naginata Togi Medium Nib

Naginata Togi Medium Emperor Nib

Naginata Togi Broad Nib

Naginata Concord Nib

Naginata Cross Concord Nib

Naginata Concord Emperor Nib

Cross Point Emperor Nib

Cross Concord Emperor Nib

Music Nib

Naginata Cross Music Nib

Naginata Cross Music Emperor Nib

King Cobra Nib

King Eagle Nib