• ★ keri ★

    This looks like it’s mostly a difference in the length and circumference of the nib that fits in next to the feed, rather than the writing portion. When can you expect the overall size to reduce? For example, these two nibs are both a little less than 2 squares wide at the broadest point and 2 squares from breather hole to tip, but the nib on my Monteverde Artista Crystal is a good deal narrower and shorter than my #6 Jinhao nib.

    Or am I being misled because the two nibs aren’t lined up exactly and the #5 really is narrower/shorter in those aspects?

    • sbrebrown

      Indeed, it’s about what fits into the feed: how widely the nib writes has no bearing on the number it is.

      • ★ keri ★

        Right, right, the how widely the nib writes is the F, M, B, &c. I’m talking about the overall size that determines how far from the page my fingers are when I hold my pen. I had assumed my Artista Crystal nib is a #3 or something, but looking at this, I wonder if it doesn’t have a different designation because it’s so much shorter overall.

  • Karl

    any good place where to buy size 6 nibs? need to replace the one on my Jinhao x750

    • sbrebrown

      I don’t know where you live, but AndersonPens, GouletPens, and xFountainPens all sell #6 nibs.

      • Diane Nelson Jones

        I saw #5 and #6 Bock nibs at Mazurka Pens (online).

    • Nick Dawkins

      beaufort inks also does the range of bock #6 in the uk

  • Hi, thanks for the post, I didn’t what a #6 nib before read this post and you’ve made it very easy to understand!

    • sbrebrown

      I’m glad this was useful for you!

  • Jo

    thanks. very useful. do you, perhaps, have a list of pens which use nibs #6?

    • sbrebrown

      No, I don’t.