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Wancher Kaleido Stub and Flex Nibs Review

This pen and nib was kindly sent to me by Wancher – thank you!

Length (capped): 150.2 mm/5.92”
Length (uncapped): 137.6 mm/5.42”
Length (posted): N/A
Diameter (section): 11.2 – 12.3 mm/0.44 – 0.48”
Diameter (barrel): 16.6 mm/0.66” (uniform)
Weight (all): 32.0 g
Weight (body): 23.0 g
Weight (cap): 9.0 g

Fountain Pen Shootout: Tibaldi Bononia vs. Leonardo Furore

These pens were kindly sent to me by Joost Appelboom – remember the 10% discount you can get through my website (see the banner on the right)!

Leonardo Momento Magico Anima Nera Fountain Pen Review

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Appleboom BannerA kind thank you to the inimitable Joost Appelboom of the Appelboom Empire for lending me this pen.

Length (capped): 144.7 mm/5.70”
Length (uncapped): 132.5 mm/5.23”
Length (posted): 168.7 mm/6.64”
Diameter (section): 11.0 – 12.0 mm/0.44 – 0.47”
Diameter (barrel): 11.1 – 13.0 mm/0.44 – 0.51”
Weight (all): 25.5 g
Weight (body): 18.5 g
Weight (cap): 6.5 g

Consult the Doctor Episode 9

00:40 What gives optimal line variation: flex or stubs?
04:31 How do you remove a nib and feed from an OMAS 360 Magnum
08:22 What to do about a loose section?
10:41 Conway Stewart Winston vs. Conway Stewart Churchill

Santini Libra Sand Ebonite Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by my friend Sinister Peter – thank you.

Length (capped): 146.6 mm/5.80”
Length (uncapped): 135.9 mm/5.35”
Length (posted): 169.8 mm/6.68”
Diameter (section): 11.3 – 13.4 mm/0.45” – 0.53”
Diameter (barrel): 13.5 – 15.5 mm/0.53” – 0.61”
Weight (all): 29 g
Weight (cap): 19 g
Weight (body): 10.0 g

Leonardo MomentoZero Grande Copper Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by Joost Appelboom. Don’t forget to click the Appelboom banner on the right to obtain a 10% discount on your order (excluding Montblanc).

Length (capped): 150.6 mm/5.93”
Length (uncapped): 133.6 mm/5.26”
Length (posted): 170.4 mm/6.71”
Diameter (section): 10.8 – 12.9 mm/0.43” – 0.51”
Diameter (barrel): 10.7 – 14.3 mm/0.44” – 0.62”
Weight (all): 37.0 g
Weight (cap): 25.5 g
Weight (body): 11.5 g