Consult the Doctor

In this series of videos, I answer viewer questions that I think may be relevant to many viewers.  In some of these videos I cover so many topics that I can’t provide a summary here; however, if you go to the respective episodes’ posts, you’ll find full time stamps to all questions answered.

Episode 1 (ink lighter after cleaning, pens under $50 and $175, Lamy Joy vs. Safari, ink brands in different pen brands, M800 vs. M800, M1000 vs. 149 vs. Dolcevita)
Episode 2 (broad nibs, ink on section, lefthanded writing, inks, personal preferences, palladium vs. gold nibs, etc.)
Episode 3 (auto-emptying converters, titanium nibs, do fountain pens adapt to handwriting, are all mediums of equal size, etc.)
Episode 4 (favourite inks, leaking pens, oblique nibs for the left-handed, repairing loose feeds, etc.)
Episode 5 (Montblanc flex, modern vs. vintage flex, Leonardo nib swaps, finding ink after cleaning a pen)
Episode 6 (why are finer nibs scratchier, wet vs. dry ink, good ultra broad nibs, why is a fountain pen called a fountain pen?)
Episode 7 (Visconti inner caps, pens running dry while writing, illegal celluloid, cleaning piston-fillers)
Episode 8 (Greek roots, priming a cartridge/converter filled pen, wet pen brands, why do psychologists like pens)
Episode 9 (flex vs. stub, OMAS 360 nib removal, loose sections, Winston vs. Churchill)
Episode 10 (Visconti vs. Namiki, stereotypes in pen design, new Parker 51, effects of social media on pen lovers)
Episode 11 (metal coils in converters, permanent inks, converter filling methods, cleaning, maintaining and waxing ebonite)
Episode 12 (posting celluloid, quick-drying inks, cleaning pens with rubbing alcohol, how do I know if I really like a pen)
Episode 13 (palladium nibs, sources of problems with Italian nibs, retrofitting Leonardos, Chinese pens vs. cheap pens)
Episode 14 (dry inks and cheaper paper, dry inks and worn-out tipping, paper and ink combos for lasting notes, different handwriting with different pens)
Episode 15 (how to work on ebonite feeds, Faber-Castell nibs, samurai swords, ink bottle design)
Episode 16 (pens and ink for left-handers, cartridges and converters vis-à-vis ink viability, surprising pens and inks, owning one type of nib vs. a range of nibs)
Episode 17 (expanding celluloid, Danitrio vs. Montblanc, buying used Montblanc pens, evolution of pen tastes)
Episode 18 (fixing metal caps, unmarked gold nibs, solid rhodium nibs, generalizability of reviews)