Consult the Doctor

In this series of videos, I answer viewer questions that I think may be relevant to many viewers. In some of these videos I cover so many topics that I can’t provide a summary here; however, if you go to the respective episodes’ posts, you’ll find full time stamps to all questions answered.

Episode 1 (ink lighter after cleaning, pens under $50 and $175, Lamy Joy vs. Safari, ink brands in different pen brands, M800 vs. M800, M1000 vs. 149 vs. Dolcevita)
Episode 2 (broad nibs, ink on section, lefthanded writing, inks, personal preferences, palladium vs. gold nibs, etc.)
Episode 3 (auto-emptying converters, titanium nibs, do fountain pens adapt to handwriting, are all mediums of equal size, etc.)
Episode 4 (favourite inks, leaking pens, oblique nibs for the left-handed, repairing loose feeds, etc.)
Episode 5 (Montblanc flex, modern vs. vintage flex, Leonardo nib swaps, finding ink after cleaning a pen)
Episode 6 (why are finer nibs scratchier, wet vs. dry ink, good ultra broad nibs, why is a fountain pen called a fountain pen?)
Episode 7 (Visconti inner caps, pens running dry while writing, illegal celluloid, cleaning piston-fillers)
Episode 8 (Greek roots, priming a cartridge/converter filled pen, wet pen brands, why do psychologists like pens)
Episode 9 (flex vs. stub, OMAS 360 nib removal, loose sections, Winston vs. Churchill)
Episode 10 (Visconti vs. Namiki, stereotypes in pen design, new Parker 51, effects of social media on pen lovers)
Episode 11 (metal coils in converters, permanent inks, converter filling methods, cleaning, maintaining and waxing ebonite)
Episode 12 (posting celluloid, quick-drying inks, cleaning pens with rubbing alcohol, how do I know if I really like a pen)
Episode 13 (palladium nibs, sources of problems with Italian nibs, retrofitting Leonardos, Chinese pens vs. cheap pens)
Episode 14 (dry inks and cheaper paper, dry inks and worn-out tipping, paper and ink combos for lasting notes, different handwriting with different pens)
Episode 15 (how to work on ebonite feeds, Faber-Castell nibs, samurai swords, ink bottle design)
Episode 16 (pens and ink for left-handers, cartridges and converters vis-à-vis ink viability, surprising pens and inks, owning one type of nib vs. a range of nibs)
Episode 17 (expanding celluloid, Danitrio vs. Montblanc, buying used Montblanc pens, evolution of pen tastes)
Episode 18 (fixing metal caps, unmarked gold nibs, solid rhodium nibs, generalizability of reviews)
Episode 19 (fine vs. broad nibs, how to get a private ink, why no vintage pens in my collection, handmade vs. machined pens)
Episode 20 (M1000 vs. 149, favourite fonts, how to know what nib to get, collecting plans)
Episode 21 (different types of converters, corroded nibs and leaking pens, pen QC, modern vs. vintage pens)
Episode 22 (sudden increase in pen wetness, ink darkening over time, ebonite vs. plastic feeds, multiple pens vs. one flagship pen)
Episode 23 (American pen companies vs. other pen companies, are bigger nibs wetter, are demonstrators safe for inks given light exposure, why are manufacturers shifting from Bock to JoWo nibs)
Episode 24 (improving your handwriting, cleaning ink off your hands, Tomoe River paper, empty rooms)
Episode 25 (air exchange and filling systems, ink superiority, section materials, ink colours and personality traits)
Episode 26 (stub and italic nibs, actually using pens, why are FPs so popular now, work or hobby)
Episode 27 (do companies tune nibs prior to reviews, why continue JoWo #8, SBREBROWN pen, innovative continents)
Episode 28 (Visconti: gold vs. steel, Visconti: form vs. function, #6, #7, #8 nibs, how to determine if an ink is wet or dry)
Episode 29 (converter design, cartridge-filled rollerballs, feed shapes, travelling with pens)
Episode 30 (black nibs and oxidation, Lamy 2000 spare nibs, screw caps vs. snap caps, the perfect nib)
Episode 31 (eyedroppers and flex writing, eyedroppering everything, pen doesn’t write properly after cleaning, North American sizing)
Episode 32 (pens that dry out quickly, shops that sell non-Parker ink, indelible ink, graphology)
Episode 33 (super dry nib: tune or leave, dealing with nibs that dry out quickly, diluting inks, funniest thing in the fountain pen world)
Episode 34 (when’s a piston a piston, an air-flight-safe pen, pens I regret selling, when to sell a pen)
Episode 35 (lecture notes and non-permanent ink, titanium nibs, criteria when purchasing a pen, how often do I buy pens)
Episode 36 (why do ballpoints have no caps but fountain pens and rollerballs do, should pen manufacturers make their own nibs, does my nib have baby’s bottoms, all things one-way shut-off valve)
Episode 37 (why no more telescopic pistons, better cheap pens than expensive pens given nib quality issues, Private Reserve inks, the unholiness of hooded nibs)
Episode 38 (pens that write above the tree line, reconsidering nib options, gambling in fountain pens, ideal holiday destination)
Episode 39 (mold in fountain pens, Scribo soft nibs, how long can ink be kept in a pen before it must be cleaned, ideal section diameters)
Episode 40 (nib inconsistency, same pens writing differently, why the quick brown fox, the end of SBREBROWN reviews)
Episode 41 (skipping BB nibs, consistent companies, best OMAS pen, ideal Frankenpen)
Episode 42 (best Nakaya pen, preowned ASCs, soft nibs and writing speed, Chinese pens)
Episode 43 (nib changing over time, stuck piston seal, grail pen or pen show, why u no drink)
Episode 44 (eyedroppering King of Pen, eyedroppering FC Model 45, why do Japanese brands have more nib options, should we boycott knockoffs)
Episode 45 (heat setting an ebonite feed, finest pistons, evaporating cartridge ink, Lamy 2000 or Pilot Vanishing Point, and personal questions)
Episode 46 (broken safari clip, wet pens and dry inks, eyedroppering M800 or M1000, affording expensive pens)
Episode 47 (using brass shims, ink picking criteria, pen picking criteria, why pay for a stock nib)
Episode 48 (best and worst comment ever, favourite filling system, does nib width affect handwriting, lessons learned as a content creator)
Episode 49 (favourite sac-based filling system, gold or steel nibs, paper choice harming nibs, worst pen ever made)
Episode 50 (selecting a nibmeister, overpolished nibs, Opus 88 nib alternatives, the fox)
Episode 51 (intro to the videos, OMAS or Delta, long-term storage of pens, balancing pens and digital needs)
Episode 52 (best modern flex nib, ultrasonic cleaners, websites to sell pens, books on fountain pens)
Episode 53 (favourite clip types, when is it enough, what tattoo and where, pens I’m looking for)
Episode 54 (how much is a pen worth, nibs that shouldn’t be ground, polishing silver pens, things I wish I’d known sooner about pens).
Episode 55 (kit pens, breaking fins on feeds, polishing or not polishing silver, interest, addiction, and obsession)
Episode 56 (crispest italic nib, italic vs. oblique, diffusion-bonded acrylic, most inspiring quote, pens with a bad history)
Episode 57 (one-way shutoff valves and ink burping, using vs. storing vintage pens, ultrasonic cleaners and ebonite feeds, how to decide whether to buy a pen)
Episode 58 (international converters, 3B nibs, leaky Emperor, loving wetness)
Episode 59 (perfect affordable ink, top 3 pens, what to tell someone who says you only need one pen, a decade of reviews)
Episode 60 (problems with celluloid, can all pens be disassembled, washing silver polishing cloths, vital lesson from reviewing pens)
Episode 61 (Safari nibs on round-section pens, do permanent inks stain more, thinking in Dutch vs. English, psychology of looking for the best, how to stay motivated reviewing)
Episode 62 (King Charles’ pen, why did his pen leak, should we all use organic inks, royal pens)
Episode 63 (contaminated ink, Nakaya pens, trying out pens, good pen meets)
Episode 64 (Brown Protectors, fine nibs, Parker pens, school pen advice)
Episode 65 (3776 replacement nibs, forwarding services and pens, where to sell pens, pen runs dry)
Episode 66 (dry slits, expensive pens and writing experience, regional price differences, pens you’re eager to review)
Episode 67 (channel success and online market place, bored of format, if only I’d known, impossible to change, fine with your format)
Episode 68 (others on this channel, write more but not the journalling type, dry writers, emotional attachment to pens)
Episode 69 (favourite MB, trapped ink, preferences in new pens, ink mixing)
Episode 70 (lubricating ink, how much flex is too much flex, ink colours I’ve come to love, motivation pre-large viewership)
Episode 71 (YouTube changes, stuck nib units, Pilot Tank vs. Kakuno, pens and inks for cheap paper)
Episode 72 (visually identifying ebonite vs. plastic feeds, authenticity of pens bought online, determining pen prices, SBREBROWN fountain pen process)
Episode 73 (removing Pelikan nib and feed, why no Pelikan/Montblanc love, what makes an ink wet, why no more boutique ink love)
Episode 74 (lubricating pistons of non-openable pens, car feeler gauges as shims, best fountain pen-friendly paper, tracking pen fills)