Consult the Doctor

In this series of videos, I answer viewer questions that I think may be relevant to many viewers.  In some of these videos I cover so many topics that I can’t provide a summary here; however, if you go to the respective episodes’ posts, you’ll find full time stamps to all questions answered.

Episode 1 (ink lighter after cleaning, pens under $50 and $175, Lamy Joy vs. Safari, ink brands in different pen brands, M800 vs. M800, M1000 vs. 149 vs. Dolcevita)
Episode 2 (broad nibs, ink on section, lefthanded writing, inks, personal preferences, palladium vs. gold nibs, etc.)
Episode 3 (auto-emptying converters, titanium nibs, do fountain pens adapt to handwriting, are all mediums of equal size, etc.)
Episode 4 (favourite inks, leaking pens, oblique nibs for the left-handed, repairing loose feeds, etc.)
Episode 5 (Montblanc flex, modern vs. vintage flex, Leonardo nib swaps, finding ink after cleaning a pen)
Episode 6 (why are finer nibs scratchier, wet vs. dry ink, good ultra broad nibs, why is a fountain pen called a fountain pen?)