I completed secondary school in Hoorn, at the Werenfridus, Scholengemeenschap Tabor, in 2003.  I obtained a Bachelor of Science (cum laude/with honours), in Developmental Psychology in 2006, followed by a Master of Science (cum laude/with honours) in Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology in 2008, both from the University of Amsterdam.  During and following graduation, I was involved in various teaching activities at the University of Amsterdam and I ran the secretariat for the national cognitive psychology graduate school EPOS.

In June 2015, I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation, which was based on research conducted under supervision of Sander Nieuwenhuis at Leiden University (NL), and focused on the effects of noradrenaline on temporal attention and uncertainty processing.  I am also involved in a recently published book on the psychology of action and perception in collaboration with professor Bernhard Hommel.

In 2018, I worked as a sessional instructor at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa (ON, Canada), teaching a course on Brain and Behaviour.  I started to work as an instructor at Red Deer College (AB, Canada) in August 2018 and I am now employed as a probationary-continuous instructor there, teaching introductory psychology, statistics, and cognitive neuroscience-based courses.

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