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Introducing the SBREBROWN Fountain Pen

This pen is available for preorder from Appelboom (don’t forget the 10% discount through the banner on the right).

Please note some errata to the video below (again, please read the final product description on the Appelboom website): the standard MomentoZero will come with SILVER-coloured trim and a steel nib and there will be 100 of these pens, not 150.

Measurements (MomentoZero)
Length (capped): 140.4 mm/5.52″
Length (uncapped): 126.9 mm/4.99″
Length (posted): 165.4 mm/6.51”
Diameter (section): 10.7 – 12.3 mm/0.42″ – 0.48″
Diameter (barrel): 12.3 – 14.5 mm/0.48″ – 0.57″
Weight (all): 25 g
Weight (cap): 5 g
Weight (body): 20 g

Measurements (MomentoZero Grande 2.0)
Length (capped): 152.7 mm/6.01”
Length (uncapped): 135.7 mm/ 5.34”
Length (posted): 172.9mm/ 6.81”
Diameter (section): 12.0—12.9mm/0.47—0.51”
Diameter (barrel): 11.1—15.6mm/0.44—0.62”
Weight (all): 31.0 g
Weight (body): 19 g
Weight (cap): 12 g


Classic Pens LB7 Artist’s Proof Review

Is it a Classic Pens pen? Is it an artist proof? Is it both? Is it amazing?

Length (capped): 143.8 mm/5.66″
Length (uncapped): 129.1 mm/5.08″
Length (posted): 177.2 mm/6.98″
Diameter (section): 10.6 – 11.9 mm/0.42″ – 0.47″
Diameter (barrel): 11.6 – 14.1 mm/0.46″ – 0.56″
Weight (all): 29.0 g
Weight (cap): 19.0 g
Weight (body): 10.0 g

Montblanc Donation Homage Chopin Fountain Pen Review

This pen was lent to me by 4M – My Main Man Murray.

Length (capped): 144.3 mm/5.68”
Length (uncapped): 127.4 mm/5.01”
Length (posted): 161.8 mm/6.37”
Diameter (section): 10.9 – 11.4 mm/0.42” – 0.49”
Diameter (barrel): 8.9 – 12.5 mm/0.35” – 0.49”
Weight (all): 30.5 g
Weight (body): 17.5 g
Weight (cap): 13.0 g

Montblanc Patron of the Arts Moctezuma I Fountain Pen Review

Thank you to Appelboom for lending me this fountain pen
Discount code for 10% off your purchases, excluding Montblanc: friend
Appleboom Banner

Length (capped): 144.6 mm/5.69”
Length (uncapped): 129.4 mm/5.1”
Length (posted): NA
Diameter (section): 8.93—10.0mm/0.35—0.39”
Diameter (barrel): 11.7 mm/ 0.46” (uniform)
Weight (all): 130 g
Weight (body): 46 g
Weight (cap): 84 g

Otto Hutt Design 08 Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by Otto Hutt – thank you!  Remember that you can get a 10% discount on Otto Hutt products at Appelboom by clicking the Appelboom banner to the right.

Length (capped): 146.5 mm/5.77”
Length (uncapped): 137.5 mm/5.41”
Length (posted): 179.7 mm/7.07”
Diameter (section): 10.3 – 11.9 mm/0.41 – 0.47”
Diameter (barrel): 13.9 –  12.1 mm/0.37 – 0.48”
Weight (all): 81.0 g
Weight (body): 55.5 g
Weight (cap): 25.5 g

Consult the Doctor Episode 18

With today:

00:20 How do you fix a metal cap?
02:30 Can a non-marked nib be gold?
04:20 Why are there no solid rhodium nibs?
07:20 The generalizability of reviews.

Fountain Pen Shootout: Leonardo MomentoZero, Furore, MomentoZero Grande, Messenger

The Leonardo MomentoZero Grande and Messenger were sent to me by Joost of Appelboom Pennen: don’t forget the 10% discount you’ll get there through the banner on my website.

Waterman Carène Black Sea Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by Joost Appelboom. Don’t forget to click the Appelboom banner on the right to obtain a 10% discount on your order (excluding Montblanc).

Length (capped): 144.2 mm/5.68”
Length (uncapped): 128.4 mm/5.06”
Length (posted): 148.4 mm/5.89”
Diameter (section): 8.3 – 11.4 mm/0.33” – 0.45”
Diameter (barrel): 8.6 – 12.3 mm/0.34” – 0.48”
Weight (all): 35.0 g
Weight (cap): 24.5 g
Weight (body): 10.5 g


SCRIBO Feel Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by my friend, Sinister Peter – thank you!

Length (capped): 148.7 mm/5.86”
Length (uncapped): 135.0 mm/5.32”
Length (posted): N/A
Diameter (section): 10.9 – 11.7 mm/0.44” – 0.46”
Diameter (barrel): 10.5 – 16.3 mm/0.41” – 0.64”
Weight (all): 36.0 g
Weight (cap): 21.0 g
Weight (body): 15.0 g