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All the pens listed on this page are preowned and have been used by me; pens do not come with boxes, unless indicated otherwise. All pens are in good to excellent condition and all pens write perfectly unless indicated otherwise – but all pens are used, so expect micro-scratches and other minor marks of use.  I will be happy to discuss and show the state of the pens in more detail if you’re genuinely interested in buying.  I guarantee all these pens to be authentic. Pictures included are of the pens being sold.

If you want to see these pens in action, check out my video reviews (please use the menu above to navigate: all reviews are listed there).  If you are interested in buying one or more pens, please send me a message (sbrebrown at gmail [.] com).

Shipping costs are not included in the prices listed; shipping to the US with insurance and tracking costs at least $22 (actual price, international mail is expensive). Bear in mind that if you choose a less expensive shipping method without insurance and tracking, there is nothing I can do if a pen goes missing in the mail (or, in formal terms, I will not be held liable for lost or damaged pens if the buyer chose a non-insured shipping option). Prices are negotiable within reason and listed in US dollars; pens are shipped from Canada.

Precedence is given to the first person who indicates s/he definitely wants to buy the pen.  In other words: if you ask me a multitude of questions about the pen or want to have time to think about the purchase and someone else comes along who seeks to purchase the pen straightaway, the pen goes to that person.

Pen purchases are final sales.


Plastic shields for under your hand to protect your page from oils while writing.
$7USD (shipping included in price)

Brown Protector (1)

Brown Protector (2)
If you don’t have relatively large hands, these rubbery squares are great assistants when you’re trying to pull a nib that won’t budge, when you try to disassemble a converter, etc.  If you do have relatively large hands, they’re useful too :-). Bear in mind that when you use devices like these that amplify your strength, you run the risk of damaging your pen: so use these smartly and with care – I won’t accept responsibility for ruined pens. For just $10, you get two of these (approximately 4″x4″), and the price includes worldwide shipping. 



Opus 88 Omar Clear
Steel broad nib, one-way shutoff valve. No box, but comes with glass eyedropper.
List price: $105, my price: $95 shipped internationally, uninsured; insurance available at cost.

Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego [SOLD]
Titanium fine nib with a lot of flex and captive converter (“piston”).
This is the original Etruria Magnifica in the Alter Ego celluloid, not the Goulet Pens reissue. Limited edition (033/351).
My price: $500, shipped internationally, uninsured; insurance available at cost.

OMAS Grand Paragon in Arco Bronze Celluloid [SOLD]
Super smooth 18k fine nib with ebonite feed. Piston filler.
My price: $1,200, shipped internationally, uninsured; insurance available at cost.

Molteni Modelo 54 [SOLD]
Steel medium nib, captive converter. Limited edition (28/99)
List price: $495, my price: $200 shipped internationally, uninsured; insurance available at cost.

Pininfarina Segno pf2 [SOLD]
Steel medium nib, cartridge-converter supplied.
List price: $295, my price: $250 shipped internationally, uninsured; insurance available at cost.

Lot of Four Inexpensive Pens [SOLD]
Not sold separately. Wing Sung 699 vacuum-filler with steel fine nib, Fountain Pen Revolution Quickdraw with steel fine nib (converter supplied), Hero 612 with steel fine nib (converter supplied), Beena with retractable nib (takes international short cartridges).
My price: $50 shipped internationally, uninsured.

SCRIBO Piuma Utopia with 14k Flex Nib [SOLD]
14k fine flex nib with ebonite feed
List price: $550, my price: $465 including insured international shipping
Comes with box, papers, polishing cloth and two-pen carrying case. Warranty through Appelboom in The Netherlands.

Montblanc Egyptomania  [SOLD]
14k extra-fine nib (writes a little bit like an architect grind out of the box)
List price: $930, my price: $790 including international insured shipping
Comes with box and papers, has only been inked for review. Warranty through Appelboom Pennen.




If you’re interested in the entire process from through to action, here is a cool book yours truly was involved in.