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Maiora Notteluna Fountain Pen Review

Thank you to Appelboom for lending me this fountain pen
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Note that I point at the blind cap in this video and call it the piston-turning knob.  This pen has a Delta-style ratchet-piston, and the actual turning knob is covered by a blind cap – my apologies for misspeaking!  Also, apparently the nib is gold (even though it is unmarked), which justifies the price more.

Desiderata Soubriquet

This pen was kindly lent to me by Maestro Pierre Miller of Desiderata Pens – thank you!

For the record, this pen has a nib unit with a breather tube to optimize its filling system. In the video, the ink level had dipped below the breather tube, hence the dryness: as soon as I refilled it, it wrote wetly and it has continued to do so.