Personal Pens of SBREBROWN

In this video series, I present short profiles about the pens that have made it into my personal pen accumulation (it is not a collection) throughout the years.  I have done or will do full reviews on all of these pens if you want to have a more in-depth look at them; links to those full reviews are provided in the posts for each pen.  These videos are not supposed to be full reviews: I merely want to discuss why I like these pens so much, which makes these videos very subjective in nature.  As some people asked, I have marked some of these pens as sold because they are no longer in my possession – sometimes, my opinion on these pens changed over time, usually because I simply didn’t use them enough.

00. Introduction to the video series
01. P.W. Akkerman Parker Duofold with Vintage Stub Nib Limited Edition
02. Visconti Opera Master Tobacco
03. Classic Pens LB5 Kaen with Cross Point Nib
04. Yard-O-Led Viceroy Grand in Victorian Finish
05. Classic Pens LM1 Flame Red
06. Visconti Opera Elements Fire
07. Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego [sold]
08. Namiki Emperor Vermillion Urushi
09. OMAS Paragon Grand in Arco Bronze Celluloid [sold]
10. Yard-O-Led Viceroy Grand in Barley Finish [sold]
11. Visconti Speakeasy
12. OMAS 360 Magnum
13. Visconti Kakadu [sold]
14. Parker 75 Godron
15. Armando Simoni Club Bologna Extra
16. Danitrio Mikado Aka-Tamenuri
17. CONID Kingsize Bulkfiller
18. Scribo Feel [sold]
19. Cross Townsend Boba Fett
20. Opus 88 Omar Demonstrator
21. Cross Townsend Darth Vader
22. Penprique Micarta Pen
23. Patin Wooden Pen
24. Ensso XS Pocket Fountain Pen
25. Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore in Smeraldo [sold]
26. Inventery Pocket Pen [sold]
27. Leonardo Messenger
28. Oldwin Classic [sold]
29. Leonardo MomentoZero Grande [sold]
30. Delta Roma Imperiale
31. Leonardo MomentoZero [sold]
32. Danitrio Genkai [sold]
33: Shakour Titan
34: OMAS 360 Magnum Redux
35: Tamenuri Studio Ranga Model 5
36: Lambrou Pens LB6
37: Leonardo Officina Italiana Furore Grande in Smeraldo
38: Magna Carta Elements Earth
39: Sheaffer Pop Yoda
40: Limited Pens Korea Leonardo MomentoZero Grande
41: Asvine V169
42: Shakour Titan 720
43: Gravitas Blue Fountain Pen
44: Pilot Metropolitan
45: Conway Stewart Great Exhibition
46: Edison Collier Grande
47: Lambrou Pens/Classic Pen LB7 Artist Proof
48: Ellington Pens
49: Majohn Q1
51: Limited Pens Korea Leonardo MZG Navagio
52: Scriveiner EDC