• Mikey Mazur

    Stephen I’m confused the title says Conid but the video is Omas 360.

  • Asif

    Yeah same, picture is of Conid and video of Omas

  • Marta

    First, thank you for all you do -the hard work and providing some fun along with your reviews. It is always with eager anticipation that I look forward to the reviews and news on you and Azizah’s sites. I have been checking on this review since it was posted but I guess I will chime in with the two former commenters. I do appreciate the work and time that you put forth, I know I couldn’t do it. So this is surely a minor thing but I do plan to listen to it once the video is corrected to the Conid. 🙂 Thanks again for the great content.

  • DNL 78

    I am planning to buy this wonderful pen, and i see that there’s an option for a gold nib – I believe that it would be a much better option than the titanium nib?
    Your thoughts?

    • sbrebrown

      I don’t know; I haven’t used the gold nib

      • DNL 78

        Thanks so much for your prompt response, and hank you again for such great website and informative videos. I’ve learnt a lot thanks to you.