Monteverde Limonada Fountain Pen Review

Kind thanks to Joost from Appelboom Pennen, who lent me this Monteverde Limonada fountain pen.  If you shop at Appelboom, use the discount code in the banner below (‘friend’) for 10% off your purchase – excluding Montblanc.Appleboom Banner

Length (capped): 138.4 mm/5.45″
Length (uncapped): 124.1 mm/4.88″
Length (posted): 164.5 mm/6.47″
Diameter (barrel): 9.1 – 10.7 mm/0.36″ – 0.42″
Diameter (section): 7.5 – 9.0 mm/-0.29″ – 0.35″
Weight (all): 24 g
Weight (cap): 12 g
Weight (body): 12 g

Monteverde Limonada Monteverde Limonada Monteverde Limonada Monteverde Limonada Monteverde Limonada Monteverde Limonada Monteverde Limonada

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  • kcwookie

    Greetings, another good review, not one of your best, but none the less one not to miss. My issue is that you laid off on this pen a little. It wasn’t just the converter that was similar to Lamy; it was the whole pen. Make a couple of changes, and it’s in the Lamy family.

    What it directly looks like is the Hero 1515. The Hero 1515 is a metal pen with a plastic grip with the same cutouts The pen comes in a variety of nib sizes, and like the Lamy Safari line, the nibs can be easily removed and replaced. What is even better about the Hero 1515 is the converter comes apart so it can be cleaned. While the Hero 1515 is inspired by Lamy, I like it better than the Lamy pen I have. It is well made, and I think writes better. It may suffer from marketing, lack of matching ink and seasonal colors, but it is a great pen.

    Thank you for your review, I believe I’ll pass on Monteverde Limonada, I have a bit of a bias against Yafa pens anyway. Compared to the Hero 1515, is the Hero a cheap Chinese pen (It is cheap, and it is Chinese), or is the Monteverde Limonada an overpriced pen?