• Christine Slocum

    You can rub off the marks with Barkeeps friend, but it makes the pen a touch duller.

  • Uniotter

    I do find it to be serious nibbage, simply because of the decent writing you can get for the price. Thanks for an entertaining review. 🙂

  • Tom Johnson

    I agree with everything you say about these pens, and I too like them for the same reasons both of you do. I have the 0.2mm EF version and it may be the finest EF nib I’ve ever seen. Like you guys I would love to see broader nibs available on Preppy pens. One practical use: about a year and half ago I had a medical procedure and was told not to bring anything of value into the facility. My clothes would be unguarded during the procedure. I have no Bic “sticks”, I use a Fisher Space Pen for the rare times a fountain pen isn’t best. I did not want to take my %15 Pilot Metropolitan, so I took one of my Preppy pens with me, with Noodler’s Black or HOD. If it was lost no big deal. I also have two Platinum Plaisir pens that I like better, but cost more. If you need to, you can replace the nib section with a Preppy section for $4. How many fountain pens can you get a replacement nib/feed/collector for $4? One Plaisir is a 0.4 filled with Bad Black Moccasin (I refill cartridges); the other one also has BBM but has the felt marking tip. That one is in a messenger bag and chosen because it is more rugged than a Preppy. Love your Serious Nibbage reviews, and glad to see you have your cat to keep you in line!