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My passion for fountain pens has manifested itself as a large number of videos on my YouTube channel.  I have reviewed many fountain pens, inks, and paper.  I also enjoy tuning pens to make them write how exactly I like them to write, and I show a number of tips and tricks in several videos.  Then there are fountain pen shootouts, in which I compare two or more pens based on features that they have in common.  In the Disassembly Line, I show how to disassemble a number of pens.  In the How Do You Like Me Now series, I revisit pens after months of using them to tell you if I have revised my opinion on them after extensive use.  In Drawing with the Professor, my good friend, prof.dr. Tarquin Danglebury, gives drawing lessons.

The links below will get you to pages devoted to all of these videos.

Disassembly Line
Drawing with the Professor
Fountain Pen Reviews
Fountain Pen Shootouts
Fountain Pen Tuning
General Pen Related Videos  (e.g. rocker blotters, wax seals, etc.)
How Do You Like Me Now?
Ink Reviews
Paper Reviews

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  • Stephen

    Congratulations on the launch of the new site. I must say I much prefer the site index of information rather that the way it’s presented on YouTube. It’s much easier to find things – for me at least.

    As a newcomer to the world of fountain pens, I’m finding your presentations an enjoyable way to get up to speed on this intriguing subject.

    Love your work. Keep it up.


  • ashokdad

    Do you have a search feature hidden in your site somewhere?

    • sbrebrown

      I do; it’s a little text box with a button labelled “Search” next to it. It’s accessible from any page and it’s located on the right hand side of the screen.

      • ashokdad

        This must have seemed like silly question.

        It is clearly seen on a computer, but I see now that the search box is buried way down the near the bottom of the page when rendered on my mobile device, an iPhone 5s, where I had trouble finding it–and also did not see search listed in the menu…

        Thanks for your timely reply and thanks for your great work helping the pen community with this site and your related posts on youtube!

        • sbrebrown

          No problem, I expected it was something like that that spurred the question.

  • Michel Montminy

    Hi there! A quick hello from Quebec city. A huge fan, but need your Brown ink ( Akkerman). Always a pleasure to see you on youtube.Michel.