Pen Tuning

Adding a Ball Agitator to a Converter 

Fine tuning and Adjusting a Nib

Fine-tuning a Fountain Pen      
Fine-tuning a Fountain Pen (2nd example)

Getting rid of baby’s bottom on a nib

Hero 616 Nib Regrind “Terminator Style” 
How to get rid of baby’s bottoms on a nib
How To Make Pen Flush

Ink Blobbing Pen Diagnosis and Treatment

Lubricating a Converter That Cannot be Disassembled 

Making a Pen a Bit Wetter  

Making a Nib a Bit Drier
Making a High end Pen a Bit Wetter 

Making a Nib Wetter in Seconds

Nib Smoothing

Resaccing a Sheaffer Aerometric Converter
Removing baby’s bottoms from an expensive pen
Reversing Making a Nib a Bit Wetter in Seconds  

Servicing a Parker Slide Type Converter 

Taking Care of a Broken Inner Cap  

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  • Ethan

    Hi Stephen,
    I am a recent convert to fountain pens, due largely to your videos and the online community of fountain pen users. I checked out your website after seeing the introduction video you posted. I clicked on a link I found interesting and discovered that the link was not properly configured! I went through this page and checked all the links – the ones that did not work properly I listed below, hopefully it will help allow you to fix them more easily when you are able to do so.

    Thank you for creating great content!
    NC, USA

    Broken Links on this page:
    Fine-Tuning a Fountain Pen (2nd Example)
    Ink Blobbing Pen Diagnosis and Treatment
    Making a Nib a Bit Drier
    Make a Nib Wetter in Seconds
    Nib Smoothing

    • sbrebrown

      The links should be fixed, thank you!