• Congratulations!

    Love the website user friendliness, access to pen videos, and simplicity to reply!!

  • ashokdad

    Sailor 1911 L, “how do you like me now?”

  • Bruce Sinn-Brown

    Lamy Dialog 3?? I’ve always been curious about this pen and the possible longevity of liking it… LOVE your reviews! Big fan ^_^

    • sbrebrown

      I don’t find myself using that pen a lot. Glad you’re enjoying the videos!

  • Chalermchai Thongsook

    Hey there, what are a “benchmark” fountain pen(s)? in your view. Say, pens that most brands have to measure their pens with. Thank you for great reviews of many pens.

    • sbrebrown

      Check out my latest GOAT Pens video…