Fountain Pen Shootout: Modern Flex Nibs

With all the new flex nibs hitting the market recently, I thought I would compare the Aurora 88 with the brand’s new 14k “vintage flex” nib, the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 with the new 14k flex nib, and the good old classic Pilot Falcon (metal body) with 14k flex nib. Let’s see how these three nibs fare face-to-face.

Modern Flex Shootout


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  • slkinsey

    Very cool shootout.

    Something I would love to see you do sometime, and which you are well positioned to do as a result of your preferences, is a comparison and general examination of broad, double broad and triple broad nibs from different makers (and within makers if you find there is some notable variance there). It would be especially interesting to see a number of B, BB and BBB nibs tested with the same ink on high quality paper to measure just how broad each nib actually is. For example, I have a Sheaffer Legacy II broad that is every bit as wide as my Visconti, Franklin-Christoph and Graf von Faber-Castell double broads. It would also be interesting to see whether and to what extent “stubbishness” is an inherent quality of broad nibs. Does this characteristic increase in extent as the nib size increases? Considering your love of broad nibs, I would think this might be fun.

  • Uniotter

    Thanks for this shootout – a good topic to cover! I have only the Pilot Falcon of these three, but the Franklin Christoph looks very interesting. Makes me want to ink up my Falcon, which I haven’t done in awhile.