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Italix Churchman’s Prescriptor Nib Lineup

Mr Peter Ford of MrPen very kindly sent me the complete lineup of 10 nibs he sells for the Churchman’s Prescriptor model.  A very exciting opportunity to demonstrate how each of these nibs write.

Italic Churchman's Prescriptor Nibs

Top to bottom: Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Left-Foot Non-Italic Broad, Right-Foot Non-Italic Broad, Left-Foot Italic Broad, Right-Foot Italic Broad, Extra Broad Italic, Extra Broad Cursive

Fountain Pen Shootout: Modern Flex Nibs

With all the new flex nibs hitting the market recently, I thought I would compare the Aurora 88 with the brand’s new 14k “vintage flex” nib, the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 with the new 14k flex nib, and the good old classic Pilot Falcon (metal body) with 14k flex nib. Let’s see how these three nibs fare face-to-face.

Modern Flex Shootout


Aurora Fountain Pen Nibs Overview

These Aurora nibs were kindly lent to me by Iguana Sell – thank you!  I know the broad nib isn’t in this list, but I have reviewed an Aurora Ipsilon which has a broad nib. There will be a review of a gold broad nib coming up in early January!

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Sailor Nib Set – Extra Fine to Specialty Nibs

I borrowed a full set of Sailor nibs from a friend, so here goes with a line up of nibs!  As you can see, this is an enormous lineup of videos, so taking pictures of all of these nibs and writing samples in an enormous chore.  If you really want to see a picture of a specific writing sample or something, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

Extra-Fine Nib

Fine Nib

Medium-Fine Nib

Medium Nib

Medium Emperor Nib

Broad Nib

Sailor Zoom Nib

Fude de Mannen (Profit) Nib

Fude de Mannen Nib

Naginata Togi Medium-Fine Nib

Naginata Togi Medium Nib

Naginata Togi Medium Emperor Nib

Naginata Togi Broad Nib

Naginata Concord Nib

Naginata Cross Concord Nib

Naginata Concord Emperor Nib

Cross Point Emperor Nib

Cross Concord Emperor Nib

Music Nib

Naginata Cross Music Nib

Naginata Cross Music Emperor Nib

King Cobra Nib

King Eagle Nib