Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen Review and Giveaway (ENDED)

Kind thanks to Joost from Appelboom Pennen, who lent me this pen.  If you shop at Appelboom, use the discount code in the banner below (‘friend’) for 10% off your purchase – excluding Montblanc.Appleboom Banner

Let’s have a look at the new and affordable Kaweco Perkeo.

Length (capped): 139.1 mm/5.47″
Length (uncapped): 130.3 mm/5.12″
Length (posted): 154.0 mm/6.06″
Diameter (barrel): 11.2 – 12.6 mm/0.44″ – 0.50″
Diameter (section): 10.82 – 11.87 mm/0.43″ – 0.47″
Weight (all): 14 g
Weight (cap): 5 g
Weight (body): 9 g

Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo Kaweco Perkeo

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  • Erik Collasius

    Ink flows on the page
    Like coffe from Senseo
    The Pen Parkeo

    Erik Collasius

  • Memory

    And she sang “day-o,
    My heart is broken, I know
    Leave the pens, just go.”

    Thanks for being so generous! Are you going to SfN this year?

    • sbrebrown

      I won’t be, unfortunately

      • Memory

        Sadness. When I found out that you’re a neuroscientist, I was curious if I’d bump into you there. I’m working in a vocal learning lab right now, but I suspect I won’t be going to SfN after this year. My boss is moving his lab to NYC and there’s no way I can afford to live up there.

        • sbrebrown

          Sorry to hear that!

      • Susmita Bhaduri

        Your review was awesome. Do you thing it is worth buying?

  • paul

    Just fyi: the hole at the end of the barrel is to prevent choking (same as on the Lamy Safari or Pelikan Pelikano), it’s a German regulation because these pens are mostly targeted at school-children.

    • Memory

      That never occurred to me! So it’s a Lifesaver pen? Very cool to know.

  • Davy Chinn Junior

    A pen only writes
    when filled with a proper ink
    not filled with mayo.

    -Davy Chinn

  • Giovanni Gasco

    Perkeo’s drinking
    deep in Heidelberg Castle
    precious german ink

    Giovanni Gasco

    Thx, for the giveaway! writing this Haiku was fun!

  • Albert Hernandez

    Begin where we End
    Pen rhymes with Galileo
    End where we Begin

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    -Albert Isaac Hernandez
    Long days and pleasant nights