Classic Pens LB6 Virtues Essence

This pen was kindly lent to me by Andreas Lambrou of Classic Pens.  An expensive pen, but a largely handmade pen.

Length (capped): 152.7 mm/6.01″
Length (uncapped): 139.3 mm/5.49″
Length (posted): N/A
Diameter (barrel): 15.7 – 15.7 mm/0.61″ – 0.62″
Diameter (section): 12.6 – 14.5 mm/0.50″ – 0.57″
Weight (all): 43 g
Weight (cap): 26 g
Weight (body): 17 g

Classic Pens LB6 Classic Pens LB6 Classic Pens LB6 Classic Pens LB6 Classic Pens LB6

Classic Pens LB6

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  • jhn

    big dissapointed with this LB6..
    maybe bcos LB5 sold out with high price..
    they try to get more profit with with this LB6..
    and make it “Limited” so they have reason to raise the price more..
    cmon why must make it only 10pcs??
    the nib and feed still available unlimited supply from bock.
    the material super rare? I guess not.
    and not piston? with that kind of money I expected high quality pen box, piston, etc…

    this is so wrong..

  • Uniotter

    Wow, it’s rare to see a pen too large for YOUR hands! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that look at a beautiful pen.

    • sbrebrown

      Hehehe :-). Thanks for your continuously kind comments: I appreciate it!