• bfg

    I know you have to be a bit diplomatic but the truth is it is a terrible pen and the price is a complete rip-off. Stipula is a reputable brand so I really can’t understand why they did this.

  • Mick Murphy

    As Stephen correctly points out, this is essentially a Dollar 717i with an Indian “flex” nib stuck on it. Since you can find Dollar pens for about $1.70 (I bought 10 for $17) the $60+ price tag on this is just plain obscene. Between this and the Monteverde Monza (a rebranded, $2 Jinhao 992 sold for 8x’s retail) YAFA is clearly incapable of feeling shame.

  • Uniotter

    From everything I hear, that is a loser of a pen. Great goat impression, though…and thanks for the review! 😀