SBRE Brown Fountain Pen Ink is Back and Where to Get It

SBRE Brown fountain pen ink is back!  This ink is made by Diamine and will be  distributed by P.W. Akkerman in The Hague: get yours here.  I realize shipping outside of the EU may be costly, but you will also not pay 21% VAT.  You may want to see a full Inkcyclopedia entry on this ink, but bear in mind the ink now comes in very cool 120 ml (4 oz.)  Akkerman Dutch Masters bottles.  The price of the ink is 23.50 EUR – that’s more than the ink cost last time, but you get four times as much ink plus a very cool, reusable bottle this time around!

SBREBROWN Fountain Pen Ink

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  • Ron Bose

    Their website says: Currently out of stock, new stock available in January 2018.

    Any idea when they’ll be opening up for pre-orders ?

    • sbrebrown

      At this point, I don’t. The ink may be available in the US fairly soon… Maybe keep an eye on the Andersons’ website. Either that, or email Akkerman now, if you prefer. Many thanks!

  • peter hofmann

    Stephen how about Canada? Saves on the shipping and import taxes. Just a thought

    • sbrebrown

      Yes, I’ll look into that!

      • Ron Bose

        Please ! I’m sure Laywines and Wonder pens would carry it !

        • sbrebrown

          I’ll definitely check !

  • Bryan Levano

    I’ve been to the website and it’s not there. When will it be available?

    • sbrebrown

      It is sold out. It will be available again around January 2018.

      • Bryan Levano

        It sold out in the first couple of hours! Holy cow!

  • Helen

    Lovely warm colour. i hope it’s available in Canada some time soon.

  • David S

    I already missed out on the second offering. Drats! I just emailed Akkerman to get on the notification list for January.

    Congratulations Stephen on the popularity of your eponymous ink!

  • Wade Noble

    Well, that didn’t take long! LOL Well with a sellout that quickly, I’ll assume that is enough motivation to order another round. Ditto with Peter Hofmann, I’d love to be able to buy within Canada, maybe Wonderpens may be interested in carrying a batch?

  • Agnes Lim

    I was looking into brown lately and thought that it is a good time to get one. However, my internet seems to be hibernating. Now that it is back, i am shocked that it is sold out. I guess i will need to wait til Jan 2018

  • slkinsey

    Congratulations on the fast sell out. How wonderful!

  • Robin Mosenfelder

    I’ve put myself on a list with Anderson pens (USA) for the January run. Hoping that list is not already full.

  • Uniotter

    Congratulations on selling out so quickly! I do hope there will be more available.

  • Edson Brambate

    I live in Brazil. Any plans here ?
    And what about a new set of at least 2000 ink bottles so we can have a chance to get one ? LOL
    Congrats !

  • Bryan Levano

    Just got my bottle from Akkerman. Loaded it into my new nakaya portable writer. A great looking match up. This is a beautiful ink. I’m not partial to browns but this is a really nice ink with great shading. And the dutch masters bottle really rounds it off nice. Thank Stephen.

    • sbrebrown

      I’m glad you like It! Thanks for your support!

  • Anne-Marie Voje Steen

    Got my bottle from Akkerman a week ago, and I am in love. In love with the ink and in love with the bottle (both practical and beautiful). The shading is amazing with a flex dip pen.
    Thank you!

    • sbrebrown

      I am glad you like it!