Lamy Aion Black and Silver Fountain Pen Review

Kind thanks to Joost from Appelboom Pennen, who lent me this pen.  If you shop at Appelboom, use the discount code in the banner below (‘friend’) for 10% off your purchase – excluding Montblanc.Appleboom Banner

Length (capped): 142.9 mm/5.63″
Length (uncapped): 136.7 mm/5.38″
Length (posted): 162.5/6.40”
Diameter (section): 9.9 – 13.1 mm/0.39″ – 0.52″
Diameter (barrel): 11.2 – 12.9 mm/0.44″ – 0.51″
Weight (all): 35 g
Weight (cap): 23 g
Weight (body): 12 g

Lamy Aion Lamy Aion Lamy Aion Lamy Aion Lamy Aion Lamy Aion

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  • Tom Johnson

    This review must have been posted very soon after I ordered the Olivesilver Aion from Goulet, as I looked for your review and it was not there yet. I agree with everything you say in your excellent review. I like it, a robust nice pen. However, the Lamy 2000 is still my favorite Lamy of all. The Aion feels good in my hand and I can write quite well with it. I appreciate the design, and I think it is not overpriced on the pen market. But, my two Lamy 2000’s hold a higher place in my pen heart.

    By the way, I wet swapped the M nib on the Aion with the M nib that came with my Safari Dark Lilac pen. Writing with the same ink, I found that the M Aion nib writes smoother and significantly broader than the Safari’s M nib does.

    Thanks for an excellent review Stephen, they are always very informative and extremely well done. If I had seen your review first I would still have bought this pen as I like pens that in both classic and modern designs, and I just had to see what Lamy’s latest venture was all about.

    • sbrebrown

      Thank you for the kind words!