I completed secondary school in Hoorn, at the Werenfridus, Scholengemeenschap Tabor, in 2003.  I obtained a Bachelor of Science (cum laude/with honours), in Developmental Psychology in 2006, followed by a Master of Science (cum laude/with honours) in Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology in 2008, both from the University of Amsterdam.  During and following graduation, I was involved in various teaching activities at the University of Amsterdam and I ran the secretariat for the national cognitive psychology graduate school EPOS.

In June 2015, I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation, which was based on research conducted under supervision of Sander Nieuwenhuis at Leiden University, and focused on the effects of noradrenaline on temporal attention and uncertainty processing.  I am also involved in a recently published book on the psychology of action and perception in collaboration with professor Bernhard Hommel.

Download my full CV.

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  • Luis

    Hello Stephen,
    I’m glad you have your own website. I’ve learned so much about fountain pens and inks through your youtube channel.

  • Saquib

    Great work Stephen,

    Learned a lot about different Pens and Inks from you.

    Best wishes!

  • Congrats Dr. Brown!

    • sbrebrown

      Thank you!

  • Richard Warren

    Let me add my congratulations on your academic success. I confess, however, that what I admire most is your friend the lobster’s accent.

    • sbrebrown

      Well, it is magnificent :-).

  • yawningreyhound

    Congrats DOCTOR Brown on your Ph.D.! Amazing CV. And thank you for educating us on the art of Fountain Pen collection. Have you seen this? Have a Happy Holiday and hope to see lots of you next year! Between you and Brian Goulet, you’ll both be the death of me or at least my bank account.

  • revbish

    I’d love to hear or read your thoughts on the nature of “reality”, and the “hard problem of consciousness”.

  • James Morley

    Dear Doctor Brown, I would be interested to know your academic views on the role of personal religious faith in terms of brain function, mental health, etc. I ask this as someone who is a Minister of Religion but who has also studied the Sociological function of religion and Philosophy, i.e. my question is one of genuine questioning rather than seeking an argument about the validity of religion. With thanks, James

  • Clestra

    Wow! You’re such an accomplished professional, Dr. Brown; bravo!!! And yet so humble & with a great sense of humour. Thank you dearly for sharing with us your knowledge & experience with fountain pens, etc. I don’t have the slightest idea of how do you do so much in such limited time!

  • davjohn

    Thank you for all your work, both in psychology and fountain pens, Dr. Brown. I would just love to sit down over a cup of coffee, or a pot, and pick your brain. There’s just not enough research into Developmental Coordination Disorders and their co-morbids. There is an entire focus of treatment targeted to the whole spectrum which is ineffective and inappropriate, damaging a whole segment of not only research, but subjects.
    I also get a lot out of your long list of fountain pen videos. Thank you for taking the time to do them.