If you missed any of the buttons or just want to contact me in some other way, you can try me here.  Before you do so, check out the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is answered there.  Due to time limitations, I cannot give personalized fountain pen buying advice.



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  • Elizabeth Hall

    do u have a PO box??

    • sbrebrown

      No, I don’t: I’m sorry.

  • Dominic Robinson

    For diplomat pen giveaway:
    I tried to start a fight with a girl I 2nd grade and lost

  • George Sternberg

    can i write you a letter?

  • Robert Stearns

    I have watched a number of your reviews of Mont Blanc pens and have heard you often say that they are not worth the price. Can you possibly do a video in which you suggest pens of similar quality but less cost?
    The first pen I bought was an ASC pen. 🙂 And I love my Mont Blancs.

    • sbrebrown

      The Faber-Castell E-Motion comes to mind.

      • Robert Stearns

        I guess it really depends on what one is looking for in pens. As an ink delivery system for a person mainly concerned with functionality the Faber-Castell E-Motion is probably great.
        I like to compare apples to apples so my question was really asking do you have thoughts on pens that are exactly the same as Montblanc or Armando Simoni Club pens that are at a lower price point? Example: 18K gold NIB vs 18K gold NIB, good line variation vs good line variation,collectability, but less money.
        *Of course for me pens are far more than something to mark up paper with ink, they are an investment. So running to a very low cost pen is not at all interesting to me. I may be odd in that respect.

        I find myself trying very hard to catch up with a lot of price points and history and companies. it is a fun challenge. 🙂