Disassembly Line

In the Disassembly Line series of videos, my good friend Haemish McNagg shows you how to disassemble a host of fountain pens.

Disassembly Line: Introduction  

Akkerman Deluxe Fountain Pen

Baoer 388 

CONID Bulkfiller Streamline 
Conklin Endura
Conway Stewart Model 100 

Cross Apogee 

Cross ATX 

Delta Fusion 82 

Delta Naranja (Knockoff) 
Delta Titanio
Diplomat Excellence A Rhombus
Dollar Pen  

Faber Castell Basic  
Faber Castell E-Motion 
Faber Castell Loom 
Faber Castell Ondoro  
FPR Dilli  
Jean Pierre Lépine Indigo  

Italix Churchman’s Prescriptor 

Jinhao 159  
Jinhao x450   
Jinhao x750 

Kaigelu 316 Century Star
Kaweco Allrounder
Kaweco Allrounder (updated)
Kaweco Dia2
Kaweco Elite
Kaweco Lilliput
Kaweco Sport Classic
Kaweco Sport Raw Aluminum
Kaweco Student

Laban Kaiser  
Lamy 2000   
Lamy Dialog3  
Lamy Nexx 
Lamy Safari  
Levenger l-Tech Stealth
Levenger True Writer


Montblanc 146 and 149  
Montblanc 220  
Monteverde Artista Crystal 
Monteverde Invincia Stylus 
Monteverde Jewelria Mini  
Monteverde Prima
Monteverde Tool Pen 

Namiki Falcon  
Nemosine Singularity  
Noodler’s Ahab  
Noodler’s Neponset
Noodler’s Nib Creaper  


Ohto Tasche  


Parker 25 Flighter
Parker 45 Flighter
Parker 51 
Parker Frontier  
Parker IM  
Parker Latitude  
Parker IM 
Parker Urban  
Pelikan M1000  
Pilot 78G  
Pilot Crystal
Pilot Custom 74
Pilot Metropolitan
Pilot Parallel
Pilot Petit1

Pilot Plumix and Pluminix  
Pilot Prera 
Pilot Vanishing Point
Parker Sonnet
Pelikan Pelikano (2003 model)
Platignum Studio
Platinum 3776 Music 
Platinum Carbon Desk Pen
Platinum Cool 
Platinum PTL-5000

Ratnam & Sons  
Reform 1745 
Rotring Initial  
Rosetta Napleon  

Sailor 1911 Large 

Sailor Realo Pro Gear
Schneider Base  
Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen  
Sheaffer 300  
Sheaffer Award   
Sheaffer Model 100  
Sheaffer Prelude  
Sheaffer Sagaris 
Sheaffer Slim Targa 
Stipula Model T   
Straffen Eis  

TWSBI Diamond 580
TWSBI Eco (Clear)
TWSBI Micarta  
TWSBI Micarta Revisited  
TWSBI Vac700 
TWSBI Vac Mini

Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age 
Visconti Michelangelo  

Wahl-Eversharp Skyline
Waldmann Tango
Waterman Hémisphère 

Waterman Carène
Waterman Kulture 

Wink Pens Wink Pen

Yard O Led Retro Grand  

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  • Michael Copple

    Stephen, you forgot to include the Hero line or are those for naught when it comes to dis-assembly? I’m a newbie by the way, using Hero brand as my starter pens.
    Cool info on this site I must say.

    • sbrebrown

      There is indeed not much to disassemble in those pens.

      • Michael Copple

        Very interesting. It looks like I picked a good basic starter pen line. I’m actually quite impressed with them after using a Manuscript Dodec and Scribe for a year now. (Both broke quite simply)

        • Michael Copple

          Stephen, I just disassembled my Hero 68 and cleaned it for a new ink, found it quite easy. Nib and shaft piece underneath came out quite easy and cleaned easily. Reassembly was very simple.
          I see what you are saying.

          • sbrebrown

            I’m glad you got it to work!

  • Dave Busse

    Dr. Brown. I have a challenge for your cooleague Mr. Hamish McNagg if he is so inclined. I was wondering if the piston seal on a FPR Guru could be replaced the same way as Nathan Tardif illustrates a replacement seal on a Noodler’s pen, a video of which can be found here:


    The original nylon seals on the two pens look very similar.

    Thanks very much,


    • sbrebrown

      It will depend on whether you can remove the piston. In the original Dilli models, you could not remove it without destroying the barrel and obviously, then there is no way to replace a piston seal. I don’t currently have a Guru, but I’m going to see if I can obtain one for you right now. And then, it’s in the hands of Hamish, of course :-).

      • Dave Busse

        Thanks! I have dissembled my Guru, its a clutchless design, and would be happy to send it on to you if you would like something to experiment with.

  • Joe

    Hey Dr. Brown. Do you know of a way to disassemble the piston of a OMAS Ogiva cocktail? Ink got behind the piston plunger of mine. Please help!

    • sbrebrown

      I’ve been unable to do it.

      • Joe

        That’s too bad. Thank you very much for the quick response though!