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Fountain Pen Shootout: Rollerballs That Use Fountain Pen Ink

A very kind thank you to to Brian Goulet and Inventery for supplying most of these products! I thought it would be interesting to do a quick overview of some of the rollerballs that you can purchase that actually use fountain pen ink, because sometimes a fountain pen just won’t work you just have to use a rollerball.

The Inkcyclopedia

In 2013-2014 I did a series of weekly videos entitled The Inkcyclopedia.  In every installment, I would show off an ink in quite some detail, using several nibs and doing a couple of tests with each ink.

I have decided to make this series of videos available on my own YouTube channel now, so that (new) viewers can watch them there.  Bear in mind that these are older videos, so their quality is not that of more recent videos.

Enjoy, and find an index to all inks covered in the Inkcyclopedia here.