GOAT Pens 2014

By request, my Greatest of all Time fountain pens, 2014.

GOAT Pens 2014 (2)

Left to right: Visconti Opera Elements, Faber-Castell E-Motion Croco, Italix Parson’s Essential, Edison Menlo, CONID Bulkfiller, Montblanc 146 “Le Grand” 90th Anniversary Edition, Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal, Conway Stewart Winston, OMAS Milord, Visconti Divina Desert Springs, Yard-O-Led Viceroy Grand (Victorian finish), Pelikan Souverän M1000, OMAS Paragon, Visconti Opera Master.


GOAT Pens 2014 (3)

GOAT Pens 2014 (4)

GOAT Pens 2014 (1)

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  • Mikey Mazur

    This list brings a tear to my eye, because I cant afford any of them right now. One day though I will own some of you though one day …. Great video Thanks Stephen

    • Ted

      Well, I own only the cheapest one here. If you can, save up for a Parson’s Essential. It is my most expensive pen, and it is worth it. But I know and feel your pain…. 🙂

      • Mikey Mazur

        I was looking up the Parsons Essential today its not to bad of a price. That being said I am sure by the time I pay for shipping to the US that will make the price jump up nicely.

        • Ted

          here are his shipping charges: http://www.mrpen.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d48.html

          • Mikey Mazur

            wow that comes out to 12 dollars that pretty damn good. I was thinking way more. I have seen some other places that seem to charge what seems to be about 20 dollars minimum when shipping over the pond. Well thanks for the info

    • pajhurley

      Faber-Castell produces some of the smoothest steel nibs available. The same nib on the $130+ e-Motion Croco is used on their very affordable Basic and Loom fountain pens – at around $40-$45. Highly recommended.

  • Gordon

    Hi Steve, thanks for sharing these – like some of the other commenters on this post I don’t have (and can’t afford) pretty well any of the pens listed. No big deal: if these are your favourite pens, they’re your favourite pens – and I still enjoyed watching, and seeing how your tastes have developed over time.

    I was wondering, though, how you would feel about doing a video sometime that looks at ‘Top recommendations’, or middle tier pens? In other words, a video covering the kind of pens you’d encourage someone to try out who’s not ready to stretch to one or other of these ‘grail’ pens, and/or is wanting to get started with something more modest?

    Either way, I love your video channel – and look forward to seeing the content you put out there over the next 12 months. Oh, and all the best for the New Year, with the incidental things going on in the rest of your life, too!

  • Mike

    This video has encouraged me to go with my gut and get a faber castell over a lamy 2000.