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CONID Kingsize Streamline Demonstrator Fountain Pen Review

I was very excited to add this model to my personal pens, because I’ve been eyeing it for years.  A lovely, high-quality pen with a massive ink capacity and a stellar nib, made in Belgium by CONID.

Length (capped): 147.7 mm/5.82″
Length (uncapped): 138.9 mm/5.47″
Length (posted): 172.6/6.79”
Diameter (section): 12.1 – 12.7 mm/0.47″ – 0.50″
Diameter (barrel): 13.3 – 15.4 mm/0.52″ – 0.61″
Weight (all): 40 g
Weight (cap): 30 g
Weight (body): 10 g

CONID Kingsize CONID Kingsize CONID Kingsize CONID Kingsize CONID Kingsize

CONID Kingsize

GOAT Pens 2014

By request, my Greatest of all Time fountain pens, 2014.

GOAT Pens 2014 (2)

Left to right: Visconti Opera Elements, Faber-Castell E-Motion Croco, Italix Parson’s Essential, Edison Menlo, CONID Bulkfiller, Montblanc 146 “Le Grand” 90th Anniversary Edition, Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal, Conway Stewart Winston, OMAS Milord, Visconti Divina Desert Springs, Yard-O-Led Viceroy Grand (Victorian finish), Pelikan Souverän M1000, OMAS Paragon, Visconti Opera Master.


GOAT Pens 2014 (3)

GOAT Pens 2014 (4)

GOAT Pens 2014 (1)