• Eric Aycock

    lol that’s what she said

  • Uniotter

    Hmm, I haven’t yet acquired an Aurora pen. I will have to check that brand out. As always, thanks for the useful review! 🙂

  • Jesse Ray

    I want this pen!!! Great review! More people should try these pens!

    • sbrebrown

      I’m selling it, so if you’re interested, just let me know.

  • Scott E Klewicki

    I have used an Aurora Optima as my carry FP for more than 2 years. Never skips a beat. Planning on getting another in the next few days.

  • DNL 78

    Hi! What would you go for: Aurora optima, or pelikan m600? (I like smaller pens). So hard for me to choose. Many thanks.

    • sbrebrown

      The Optima