For Sale

All the pens listed on this page are preowned and have been used by me; pens do not come with boxes, unless indicated otherwise. All pens are in good to excellent condition and all pens write perfectly, unless indicated otherwise – but all pens are used, so expect micro scratches and other minor marks of use.  I will be happy to discuss and show the state of the pens in more detail if you’re genuinely interested in buying.  I guarantee all these pens to be authentic. Pictures included are of the pens being sold.

If you want to see these pens in action, check out my video reviews (please use the menu above to navigate: all reviews are listed there).  If you are interested in buying one or more pens, please send me a message (sbrebrown at gmail [.] com).

Shipping costs are not included in the prices listed; shipping to the US with insurance and tracking costs at least $22 (actual price, international mail is expensive). Bear in mind that if you choose a less expensive shipping method without insurance and tracking, there is nothing I can do if a pen goes missing in the mail (or, in formal terms, I cannot be held liable for lost pens). Prices are negotiable within reason and listed in US dollars.

Precedence is given to the first person who indicates s/he definitely wants to buy the pen.  In other words: if you ask me a multitude of questions about the pen, or want to have time to think about the purchase and someone else comes along who seeks to purchase the pen straightaway, the pen goes to that person.

Pen purchases are considered final sales.


Plastic shields for under your hand to protect your page from oils while writing.
$7USD (shipping included in price)

Brown Protector (1)

Brown Protector (2)
If you don’t have relatively large hands, these rubbery squares are great assistants when you’re trying to pull a nib that won’t budge, when you try to disassemble a converter, etc.  If you do have relatively large hands, they’re useful too :-). Bear in mind that when you use devices like these that amplify your strength, you run the risk of damaging your pen: so use these smartly and with care – I won’t accept responsibility for ruined pens. For just $10, you get two of these (approximately 4″x4″), and the price includes worldwide shipping. 



Inexpensive tray #1. Includes: Straffen SG2400, Bülow X30, unidentified Chinese fountain pen. All three pens have converters, so you’re ready to go. Tray price: $40 including international uninsured, untracked shipping.

Inexpensive tray #2: three slender Chinese fountain pens. All three pens have converters, so you’re ready to go. Tray price: $40 including international uninsured, untracked shipping.

Inexpensive tray #3: Bülow x450 plus two Straffen SG2400s. All three pens have converters, so you’re ready to go. Tray price: $40 including international uninsured, untracked shipping.


1. Montblanc 244G Tiger Stripe, 14k fine flex nib. Vintage pen, my price: $1,000 including tracked and insured US/Canadian shipping. [SOLD]
2. Montblanc 344, 14k fine flex nib, light brassing on clip, rest of pen in very good condition except for sealed crack on cap – so a user grade pen with a great flex nib. Vintage pen, my price: $275 including tracked and insured international shipping. [SOLD]
3. Mabie Todd Swan Self-Filler, Swan #2 14k flex nib, recently restored, user grade, brassing on lever and clip, gold bands okay, oxidized body and faded imprint, but great flex nib. Vintage pen, my price: $275 including tracked and insured US/Canadian shipping.
4. Waterman 94 Blue Cream, 14k Waterman’s Ideal fine flex nib, pen is in great condition, clear white imprint, no brassing. Vintage pen, my price: $300 including tracked and insured international shipping. [SOLD]

Cross Botanica Red Hummingbird Vine, steel fine nib. List price: $130, my price: $100 including shipping without box, or $115 for shipping with the box.

Aurora 88 70th anniversary limited edition Yellow, 14k fine flex nib. Comes with box, papers, and sealed ink.  List price: $650, my price: $550 including US/Canadian insured and tracked shipping.

Montblanc Starwalker Spirit of Racing Doue, 14k fine nib. Pen was inked once with washable blue for review, then cleaned. List price: $660, my price: $495 including international insured shipping. Comes with box, papers.  Warranty through Appelboom Pennen in The Netherlands.

Pelikan Wonders of the Ancient World, Statue of Zeus, 18k broad nib (tuned upon request). Pen was inked once with washable blue for review, then cleaned. List price: $2,500, my price: $1,705 including international insured shipping. Comes with box, papers, and bottle of unused exclusive ink.  Warranty through Appelboom Pennen in The Netherlands.

Montblanc Meisterstück for UNICEF platinum trim Le Grand/146 Solitaire, 18k fine nib (stickered).  Pen was inked once with washable blue for review, then cleaned. List price: $1,765, my price: $1,325 including international insured shipping. Comes with box and papers, warranty through Appelboom Pennen in The Netherlands.

Pelikan M101 Bright Red special edition, 14k fine nib (tuned upon request).  Pen was inked once for review, then cleaned. List price: $570, my price: $425 including international insured shipping. Comes with box and papers, warranty through Appelboom Pennen in The Netherlands.



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  • Pascal Leers

    Why are you selling some of your pens ? Are you going to collect pens in the higher range from now on ? Or is there no more pen to collect since you found your GOAT pen ?

    • sbrebrown

      I just don’t find myself using these models so much.

  • Robb Swenson

    Stephen, It would fun to know the pen belonged to you. Thanks for the chance. Can you ship the Endura to Minnesota USA? Robb

    • sbrebrown

      The Endura is sold, sorry.

  • DunneeTiger

    sbre how much is the postage to UK ?

  • José Ignacio Silva

    How can we do it? I live in Chile and I’m interested in the TWSBI classic

    • sbrebrown

      The Classic is reserved for someone else. If that doesn’t go through, I can contact you.

      • José Ignacio Silva


  • Lorenzo

    I am interested in the twsbi 580s. What is the shipping cost to italy?, do you use paypal?

    • sbrebrown

      Sorry, they’re sold. I’ll be selling off some more TWSBIs soon though.

    • Jen

      Email me at I’ve got one I’m willing to sell for $80 (which would include international shipping). It has a 1.1 mm stub nib if you’re interested. And yes, I have a Paypal account.

  • Tim Luneburg

    Hello Stephen

    I would like to buy a TWSBI pen. Is one of them still available? I live in Germany.

    • sbrebrown

      Sorry, they’re sold. I’ll be selling off some more TWSBIs soon, though.

  • mohit

    ohh man you are very rich !!!

  • Ugh, I wish I’d seen this before everything had sold out. There were some in there I would certainly have taken off of your hands.

    • sbrebrown

      The Visconti Michelangelo is available again.

      • Thanks. The other Visconti was the one calling my name…and that Ondoro. And the Rotring. And the Parker Urban. Probably best that I didn’t notice the “Sale” link before.

  • Subhadip Maji

    I want to buy the faber castell loom.Please let me know about the shipment charge and how to pay you?I live in KOLKATA,WEST BENGAL, INDIA.
    Please reply me as soon as possible……..

    • sbrebrown

      Shipping is $4 for a bubble wrap envelope and $30 for a parcel with insurance. Which method do you prefer?

      • Subhadip Maji

        Please let me know if I will take both the faber castell s the shipping cost will be same?(parcel with insurance)
        In how many days it will reach to me?
        How can I pay you?

        • sbrebrown

          Yes, shipping will be the same for both pens. I have no idea how long it will take, but the few times I got something from India, it took about two to three weeks. You can pay through PayPal. If you send me an email as indicated at the top of the page, we can discuss details.

  • Jordan Istre

    Stephen, I am interested in the Invincia.

    • sbrebrown

      Why don’t you send me an email at sbrebrown at fpgeeks dot com and we’ll discuss details?

  • Remy

    Do you have any Visconti for sale anytime soon?

    • sbrebrown

      Yes, I’m selling off my Wallstreet for $550.

    • sbrebrown

      And check the updated listing :-).

      • Remy


  • Đình Long Lê

    Hi Stephen, do have any Japanese pens for sale?

    • sbrebrown

      I have a Platinum Cool and a Pilot Crystal for sale.

      • Đình Long Lê

        What nib sizes come with those pens?
        I’m typing you an email for more information.
        Looking for a more high-end pen like Platinum 3776 but its seem not for sale
        Cheer from VietNam

        • sbrebrown

          The Cool comes with a medium nib, and the Crystal comes with a pretty springy fine.

          • Đình Long Lê

            Does it come with a converter, or i have to get it myself?
            I sent you an email, looking for you response

  • Ted

    You sold your Opera Elements?? Was it a duplicate pen? I thought that it was one of your GOAT pens and one that you were so attached to (your first top flight pen, etc)…

    • sbrebrown

      It was a duplicate.

  • Remy Y

    MONTEVERDE Invincia Titanium Fountain Pen Fine Nib

    is the monteverde titnium nib smooth and are good in rough working places. I want to have a nib that is strong yet good looking

  • Greg Siragusa

    Is the Pilot 78G available? My shipping address is Wisconsin USA.

    • sbrebrown

      Sorry, that’s reserved for someone.

  • Jaspal Singh

    I so wanted to get my hands on that Visconti Opera Elements.. Sadly, I saw the sale just today and found it to be already sold 🙁

  • Marian

    Is it possible to buy the Lamy 2000 with the broad nib?

    • sbrebrown

      Do you mean you want to buy the Makrolon Lamy 2000 but with the broad nib that’s on the 2000M? That is possible.

      • Marian

        Yes, that is what I meant. Will this affect the price?

        • sbrebrown

          It won’t affect the price one cent :-). Are you interested in making a purchase?

          • Marian

            Yes I am. I will send you an e-mail.

  • giovann

    Hi man ,

    i was wondering if you know anything about this fountain pen from Recife ,it is actually not easy to get infos , and the few i’ve got didn’t help very much. Thank you !!!


    • sbrebrown

      I don’t know anything about these pens

      • giovann

        i was hesitating between the Recife and Edison collier persimon swirl wich i saw you reviewed . But thanx for your quick response .
        All the best

  • José Ignacio Silva

    Is the Platinum cool available?

    • sbrebrown

      It is, please email me if you’re interested.

      • José Ignacio Silva

        I will, thanks!

  • Peter

    Wow that’s a lot of pens! Are you willing to share with the views what pens you are actually holding on to?

  • Jen

    Do you still have the orange Visconti? I’m so far down the rabbit hole with them now I might as well not try to resist. If so how much do you want for that one?

    • sbrebrown

      I do, thanks for the interest. Shall we make it $185?

      • Jen

        For the calligraphy one? That seems reasonable. Can it wait until I get paid next week? thanks!

        • sbrebrown

          It’s a set with a round medium nib, an italic nib, and an elastic nib. We can wait until next week.

          • Jen

            Thanks! I appreciate it! As far down the rabbit hole as I am (it’s still your fault I bought the Desert Springs;) I might as well just enjoy it

  • santhosh

    sir hello how are you i need to ask you some questions is your water man hemisphere conveter is open at the end and its clip has some dark sports why

  • Calle Lindström

    Dang, I wanted the Snorkel. Let me know if the buyer changes his mind…

    • sbrebrown

      Sorry, it’s packed up for shipment tomorrow :-(!

  • Michael Butler

    If I wasn’t building a house or didn’t have bad habits such as eating I would go for the Visconti van Gogh but alas I just blew my allowance on a pilot VP.

    • Lisse

      That’s my EXACT sob story!!! House needs new roof, got V.P. ‘Crimson Sunrise’ desperate for Visconti VanGogh self portrait. I love the fp community! 😂

  • Mikey Mazur

    Wow that is a big list there Stephen. I am sure most of those will go quickly though

  • Ted

    Jeez, I have watched you review so many of these….good thing that you are not in the US because I would not be able to resist on some of these….

    • Pascal Leers

      I live in the Netherlands. And it’s not easy seeing these beauty’s for sale. Especially the Lamy 2000. But I did spend my fountain pen money on a Pelikan last month.. Sign….

      • sbrebrown

        No rush, they may be up for a while :-).

  • Robinkeys

    Wow… this is like Michael Jordan selling off all the basketballs he’s used throughout the years!

  • Subhadip Maji

    I have a question why are you selling almost all pens except the pelikans ?

  • Schloken Greesan

    Wow,6 pens from 2013’s Goat pens. Time changes opinions. But …… I thought you really liked the faber castell e-motion,didn’t you ?

  • Sam Ferguson

    Slightly off topic, and please excuse my cluttering up your conversation thread regarding your actual sales…but does your selling the Yard-O-Led Retro Grand mean we’re not going to get an episode of “Serious Nibbage” about that pen? 🙂

    • sbrebrown

      Probably, yes.

  • Manuel Piñeiro Mourazos

    Well, I just found out that I own a Lamy Safary 2006 limited edition O_o

  • jo

    Interested in the Jinhao 3000, “Year of the Tiger”, fine/medium nib, list price $20, my price $15. (this is a really nice, robust, heavy pen)

    • sbrebrown

      It is available for you, thanks for the interest. Why don’t you email me (sbrebrown [@] gmail [.] com) and we can work out the shipping details.

  • Jeff Loo

    If I order JinHao 3000 year of tiger, is it possible to get its nib stubbed? hehe^^

    • sbrebrown

      If you want to,absolutely.

      • Jeff Loo

        Alright!! I will email you for the detail.

  • Jeff Loo

    Love the lacque design of the waterman hamonie.. still available?

    • sbrebrown

      It was just sold today, sorry!

      • Jeff Loo

        Ops.. its okay^^

  • Jeff Loo

    Hi Stephen, just wanna check whether diplomat traveller still available…

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  • Dominic Robinson

    For give away for diplomat pens:
    I tried to fight a girl in 2nd grade and lost -_-

  • Christ Kacoyannakis

    I would like the Pelikan cognac italic if still available

    • sbrebrown

      Thank you for your interest. The pen is available. Please send me an email at the address listed at the top of this page and we’ll discuss details. Many thanks in advance!

      • Christ Kacoyannakis

        Hi Stephen,

        My email is

        Christ Kacoyannakis
        7709 Cervantes Lane
        Springfield, VA 22153-1610

        Really enjoy your pen videos. I have learned a lot about pens, and, I am sorry to say, I have started buying more! Anyway, I am old school (pocket watches, fedoras and amateur radio). Many thanks for all the excellent advice and pen discussions. I also used to be into Aikido, and have an interest in Japanese swords. Too bad we are so far away, we could meet up and enjoy a coffee or an adult beverage.

        Let me know details about the Pelikan. What model was it? I have a Pelikan 800, and I love it, but I really want to try an italic. Is it a formal italic or cursive italic nib? How flexible is the steel nib?


  • michael hipius

    Wow! This is a tough few months for me- do you think you might do something like this again towards the spring/summer? Great videos, Stephan- you helped me keep my sanity when my son was in Intensive Care this past summer.

    • sbrebrown

      I fear these will be all the sales. I hope your son recovered well!

  • Kelvin Chu

    Hello Steven. I am genuinely interested in the Caran d’Ache Dunas Metallic. Would you mind me contacting you through email?( (I have contacted you through email a few times before) Looking for your reply. 🙂

    • Kelvin Chu

      *Stephen ( sori for the typo )

    • sbrebrown

      Sure, just send me an email, or use the contact form on the website here. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Matthias

    Hey Stephen, the conway Stewart Model 100 “yellow swirl; is it the one you have reviewed in one of your videos? because the one in your video seems to have a medium italic nib.–Wtw

    • sbrebrown

      It is the same pen, but with a different nib.

  • Sam

    I’d give my pianoforte for that Mozart! so pretty…and so expensive…wish u a good day Dr. Brown!

    • sbrebrown

      Prices are negotiable :-).

  • Yukio Tjonahie

    Dear Stephan, I am very interested in the conklin, but cannot find your video…

  • mulrich1

    It it possible to add a last update date somewhere on the page to know when you make changes?

    • sbrebrown

      I’ll try to to that, starting with the next update.

  • Mike Hall

    So I might be out of line but and if so I apologize but would you take $80 for the pro gear slim? I would also give you the rights to my first born as well:) Seriously though if you would sell it for $80.00 I would buy it right away.

  • xilebat

    Can you swap Lamy nibs on the Dialog? I have no business need for an oblique nib…

    • sbrebrown

      I can, but currently, I only have steel nibs. I could order a gold nib if you want, but clearly that would add to the price.

      • xilebat

        No, I meant “can you” as in “is it possible?”. I have plenty of Lamy nibs… American slang… gotta love it.

        Stephen “Jay” Karlson 817-805-2268

        Subject: Re: Comment on For Sale

        • sbrebrown

          Oh, sorry :-). Yes, you most certainly can: the nib slides off, just like with a Safari/Al-Star or Studio!

  • tg

    Hey there! I’d love a black preppy and a black X450 without the dots! Where do I send the shipping details?

    • sbrebrown

      Please contact me through the contact form on the website or through the email address listed at the top of the page.

  • Mikey Mazur

    Wow that menlo

  • Tristan_Noelmans

    Will there be a review on the Heritage 1912?

    • sbrebrown

      Yes, there will be.

  • Cindy

    Hi Stephen, I’d like to take the Lamy Safari Aqua Marine off your hands. Thanks.

    • sbrebrown

      Dear Cindy, great, the pen is still available. Please contact me through my website’s contact form and we can discuss details.

  • Pumpež Bogi

    Sbrebrown, have you montblanc m for sale?

    • sbrebrown

      No, I don’t, sorry.

  • James

    Wow. $7US for a small square of transparent plastic that costs pennies and $10US for two small squares of what appears to be anti-slip shelf liner that you can get for $8 for an entire roll? Your pen prices may be decent, but the prices you’re asking for those items is truly outrageous.

  • Tom Godbold

    Dr. Brown, Would the Visconti London Fog still be available? And if so, how would I get payment to you…. Pay pal?

    • sbrebrown

      Please email me and we can discuss details.

  • Kevin Guo

    You sold your Florentine Hills and London Fog? Noooooo! I just bought a London Fog (with GourmetPen’s discount code haha) specifically so I can say that I use the same pens as the great sbrebrown

  • Robert Hancy

    Do you have a retro pen without all the cats?? 🙂

  • Ahmed Abubaker Jariwala

    I want to buy Lamy Safari Black… Please send me the details…

    • sbrebrown

      I’m sorry, that sold just a few hours ago.

  • Michael Millington

    Does the Brown Protector price include shipping to the US?

    • sbrebrown

      It does.

  • Lynn Chiang

    Excuse me . Are you still selling your Pelikan M625 fountain pen right now?

    • sbrebrown

      No, that sold. Akkerman in The Hague has the blue one for sale though.

  • Jitka Beyond Serious

    Dear Stephen, I recall seeing a Sailor 1911 Large pen for sale here some time ago. Or was it Pro Gear? Anyway. I’m very much interested in trying Zoom nib but hesitant to buy a new one. So in case you’d have one of those and no use for it, please, let me know. Thank you and happy InCoWriMo! Jitka.

    • sbrebrown

      I don’t have any Zoom nibs left, sorry.

  • Filipe Coelho da Silva

    Hi Stephen,
    I would take the Namiki leather fountain pen sleeve.

    • sbrebrown

      Thank you. Shipping is $7. You can send email to the address at the top of this page and I can give you payment details.

  • Robert Hancy

    Hello Stephen! Just dropping in to see what you have for sale again. Did you sell most of your regular-type pens? Looks like you only have the commissioned ones now. I always check your site before I go to Ebay – having a pen once owned / reviewed by you gives it great value to me! Do you have other pens for sale? Thank you ~ hope all is well! Oh – I have one of those Retro pens. Excellent pen, excellent company.


    • sbrebrown

      Hey Bob! Right now, I only have a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 with a broad nib. There’s also a bunch of Chinese Bulow fountain pens.

  • Sameer Rodrigues

    Hey Stephen, I am thinking of purchasing your Castelijn & Beerens 2-pen leather pouch, could you tell me of the size and the maximum width of pen it can hold?

    • sbrebrown

      Sorry, it was sold!

  • KaSandra Huff

    Is the Twsbi AL turquoise still available?

    • sbrebrown

      Yes, it is! If you’re interested, you can message me through the website’s contact page.

  • Robert Hancy

    Do you accept payment plans? 🙂 Just kidding. I hope you are well Stephen! Beautiful collection. I need to check back more often.

    • sbrebrown

      For friends, I do actually accept payment plans :-). I hope you’re well too!