Consult the Doctor, Episode 3

In this episode:

00:46 Why does my converter empty itself immediately after filling it?
03:22 Talking about titanium nibs.
06:22 Does a fountain pen adapt to your handwriting?
08:59 Is there such a thing as a fountain pen that is particularly suited for people with arthtritis?
11:40 Is there such a think as Serious Sloshage of ink in a demonstrator?
13:50 Why are the bottom corners on the pages of some notebooks perforated?
15:08 Why do some pens dry out after a few weeks of non-use while others don’t?
16:34 Why don’t all medium nibs have the same line width?
19:28 Are there pens that don’t have a slippery grip section?
21:08 Why won’t my pen write when I rotate the nib a little bit
22:23 Would you recommend fine or medium nibs for everyday use?
24:10 How can the same ink be darker or lighter in two different pens?

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