Madrid Pen Show 2016 Part III

As I will be attending the Madrid Pen Show this year in collaboration with Iguana Sell, and especially if you have never attended a pen show before, I would like to share with you:


Iguana Sell will attend and sponsor the Madrid Pen Show this year! On the first day of the show, Friday November 18, in the afternoon, Azizah and I will be at the Iguana Sell table. Anyone interested in checking out some fountain pens, inks, or chatting about them, please come over!

Come visit Iguana Sell and you can see and try out the new set of Diamine Shimmering Inks. You can get to know and try the different nibs offered by Nakaya and Aurora – and there are quite a few, pretty much one for everyone! Iguana Sell lets me know that the first time, the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks will be also available, and you could get yours customized!

Why bother coming to the show when you can buy it later? Well, part of the fun of the pen show is the people, interacting with old friends and new friends, browsing and trying pens and inks of interest, and more. What else? Anyone who purchases a fountain pen with Iguana Sell during the Pen Show will receive at 10% discount code for their next pen leather case purchase (this discount code may be used at the show itself, at the Iguana Sell Boutique, or on the website.

Madrid Pen Show 2016

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