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Consult the Doctor Episode 11

With today:

00:35 What’s the purpose of the metal coil in some converters?
05:08 Special care and maintenance for permanent inks?
10:42 Do you dip the whole section or just the converter into the ink?
16:50 How do you clean and maintain ebonite? Should you wax it?


Consult the Doctor Episode 9

00:40 What gives optimal line variation: flex or stubs?
04:31 How do you remove a nib and feed from an OMAS 360 Magnum
08:22 What to do about a loose section?
10:41 Conway Stewart Winston vs. Conway Stewart Churchill

Consult the Doctor Episode 7

Let’s answer some questions, with today: removing Visconti inner caps, pens that run dry after a few lines of writing, illegal celluloid and thoughts on cleaning Aurora piston-fillers.