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Boldric Buffalo Leather Knife Bag Overview and Contents

A kind thank you to Alyssa from Nella Cucina who special ordered this bag for me and made sure I received it within a short time frame.

The Inkcyclopedia

In 2013-2014 I did a series of weekly videos entitled The Inkcyclopedia.  In every installment, I would show off an ink in quite some detail, using several nibs and doing a couple of tests with each ink.

I have decided to make this series of videos available on my own YouTube channel now, so that (new) viewers can watch them there.  Bear in mind that these are older videos, so their quality is not that of more recent videos.

Enjoy, and find an index to all inks covered in the Inkcyclopedia here.

Collecting vs. Using vs. Accumulating Fountain Pens

Let’s talk about the differences between using, accumulating, and collecting fountain pens, and why they are all fun endeavours.

Serious Nibbage Sailor King of Pen

Thank you to Alain for lending us this pen! I can say our feelings on pens sure have changed over time. We’ll have to do an updated version.Reviews, writing samples, and previous Serious Nibbage episodes can be found under the Pens, Paper, Ink menu!