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Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) Fountain Pens 2019

Here is a list of ten of the fountain pens I have been most impressed with and used most in 2019.


Left-Handed Fountain Pen Use: Theory, Tips, and Tricks

My friend Peter (who is left-handed) and I have recorded a video for you on fountain pen use for left-handed people. Can left-handers use fountain pens? What should they take into account? What can they expect? What nibs, inks and paper might work well for them?

Collecting vs. Using vs. Accumulating Fountain Pens

Let’s talk about the differences between using, accumulating, and collecting fountain pens, and why they are all fun endeavours.

Serious Nibbage Sailor King of Pen

Thank you to Alain for lending us this pen! I can say our feelings on pens sure have changed over time. We’ll have to do an updated version.Reviews, writing samples, and previous Serious Nibbage episodes can be found under the Pens, Paper, Ink menu!