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Three Differently Priced Pens From the Same Brand

I thought it would be interesting to check out three pens from the same brand that have quit different prices.  What exactly can you expect when you decide to spend more money?

My Personal Pens: Visconti Speakeasy

The Visconti Speakeasy is both hideous and magnificent at the same time and I love it.  Yes, it has a booze indicator and a hidden compartment for alcohol, but it’s also a beautiful oversize pen made from stunning celluloid.  With its stubbed double broad nib, it’s an absolutely pleasure to use.  I have done a full review of this pen too.

Chatterley-Visconti Opera Master South-West Fountain Pen Review

This gorgeous Opera Master is made from the “Speakeasy” celluloid.  A wonderful collaboration between Visconti and Chatterley Luxuries.  There were 10 silver and 10 gold trim pens: this is the gold trim version.

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