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Duchessa 1935 Forum 2022 Fountain Pen Review

4M lent me this pen – thank you!

Length (capped): 150.9 mm/5.94”
Length (uncapped): 134.4 mm/5.29”
Length (posted): N/A
Diameter (section): 11.5 – 12.2 mm/0.45” – 0.48”
Diameter (barrel): 8.0 – 15.2 mm/0.32” – 0.60”
Weight (all): 27.5 g
Weight (body): 16.5 g
Weight (cap): 11.0 g

Pelikan Souverän M815 Metal Stripes Fountain Pen

This pen was kindly lent to me by Appelboom! Don’t forget to check out the Appelboom banner on the right to get a 10% discount on your purchase there (excluding Montblanc).

Length (capped): 141.2 mm/5.55″
Length (uncapped): 127.6 mm/5.02″
Length (posted): 165.8 mm/6.56”
Diameter (section): 10.8 – 11.6 mm/0.42″ – 0.45″
Diameter (barrel): 11.8 – 13.3 mm/0.46″ – 0.52″
Weight (all): 38 g
Weight (cap): 9.5 g
Weight (body): 28.5 g

Pelikan M101N Bright Red Fountain Pen Review

Kind thanks to Joost from Appelboom Pennen, who lent me this pen.  If you shop at Appelboom, use the discount code in the banner below (‘friend’) for 10% off your purchase – excluding Montblanc.Appleboom Banner

Length (capped): 123.0 mm/4.84″
Length (uncapped): 116.5 mm/4.59″
Length (posted): 155.0 mm/6.10″
Diameter (barrel): 12.1 mm/0.47″
Diameter (section): 9.36 – 10.0 mm/0.36 – 0.39″
Weight (all): 15 g
Weight (cap): 6 g
Weight (body): 9 g

Pelikan M101 Bright Red Pelikan M101 Bright Red Pelikan M101 Bright Red Pelikan M101 Bright Red Pelikan M101 Bright Red Pelikan M101 Bright Red

Serious Nibbage Part 55: Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Ultra Black GIVEAWAY! @couronneducomte

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Congratulations to the winner Michael GS! The winning comment was on Stephen’s blog!

A huge thank you to La Couronne du Comte for donating this pen for review and GIVEAWAY!  We thought we would save this one for Fountain Pen Day, which is today!

La Couronne du Comte Banner

Review and writing sample can be found in the fountain pen reviews index!