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My Personal Pens: Visconti Opera Elements Fire

The Visconti Opera Elements Fire has been in my collection for a very long time.  I absolutely adore the finish of this pen: it’s a wonderful pen that just looks beautiful.  The smooth and springy 14 karat gold nib is particularly special.  This pen is quite a bit smaller than its big brother, the Opera Master, but it is also lighter and more portable.

My Personal Pens: Classic Pens LM1 Flame Red

The Classic Pens LM1 Flame Red is a large pen, but it is smaller than the Classic Pens LB5 made from the same diffusion-bonded acrylic, and it was limited to 500 pens (375 fountain pens and 125 roller balls).  I love this pen, and I believe it is a great pen for everyday carry.  I have not yet done a full review on the Classic Pens LM1, but I will record one as soon as I have time.

My Personal Pens: Yard-O-Led Viceroy Grand Victorian Finish

This beautiful pen was sent to me by John, which is clearly an incredible generous gesture.  I love this pen: the weight, size, and feeling of it are magnificent and it writes just beautifully too.  I have also done a full review of this pen.

My Personal Pens: Parker Duofold, P.W. Akkerman Limited Edition

The first pen in my series of personal pens videos is a special edition of the Parker Duofold, which was launched by P.W. Akkerman in The Hague to commemorate their 100 years of being located in the Passage “mall” (actually, more like a covered shopping street).  In this video, I discuss why I love this pen so much; if you want more information, you can watch the full review.

My Personal Pens: Introduction

In this new video series, I will give short profiles of the pens that have made it to my personal accumulation (not collection).  Contrary to popular belief, I do not own a lot of pens – so the pens that do make it into my personal accumulation are special in at least one way.  In this series, I briefly describe the pen, then do a short writing sample.  All of these pens have been or will be reviewed at some point in time: in the current videos, I focus on why I like the pen so much.