Consult the Doctor, Episode 4

In this episode:

00:33 My top 3 inks.
01:30 Heirloom pen recommendations?
02:56 Why use an O-ring when eyedropper-converting a pen? Is it necessary to use one?
04:38 What is the warning signal that you’re about to spring a gold nib?
07:24 Why does my ink not dry up on the page?
10:12 What refill fits a Lamy rollerball?
11:28 Are there inks that don’t stain demonstrators?
14:10 Why does my Ahab spit ink?
17:31 When does an interest in fountain pens become concerning?
24:21 Why won’t my Jinhao write?
28:20 Are oblique nibs better for left-handed users?
33:36 Are you disappointed in the Visconti Homo Sapiens (Power-Filler) ink capacity?
34:59 Can I fix the nib and feed that keep rotating and falling out of my vintage pen?

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