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Sailor 1911 Standard Fountain Pen Review

This pen is from Pen Chalet – and you can use ‘sbrebrown’ for 10% off your purchases!

Length (capped): 5.25″
Length (uncapped nib-end): 4.62″
Length (posted): 6.125″
Barrel Diameter: 0.48″
Section Diameter: 0.379″ – 0.415″
Weight: 14 g

Sailor Nib Set – Extra Fine to Specialty Nibs

I borrowed a full set of Sailor nibs from a friend, so here goes with a line up of nibs!  As you can see, this is an enormous lineup of videos, so taking pictures of all of these nibs and writing samples in an enormous chore.  If you really want to see a picture of a specific writing sample or something, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

Extra-Fine Nib

Fine Nib

Medium-Fine Nib

Medium Nib

Medium Emperor Nib

Broad Nib

Sailor Zoom Nib

Fude de Mannen (Profit) Nib

Fude de Mannen Nib

Naginata Togi Medium-Fine Nib

Naginata Togi Medium Nib

Naginata Togi Medium Emperor Nib

Naginata Togi Broad Nib

Naginata Concord Nib

Naginata Cross Concord Nib

Naginata Concord Emperor Nib

Cross Point Emperor Nib

Cross Concord Emperor Nib

Music Nib

Naginata Cross Music Nib

Naginata Cross Music Emperor Nib

King Cobra Nib

King Eagle Nib

Namiki Yukari Nightline Moonlight Fountain Pen Review

This pen was purchased at La Couronne du Comte. You can use the code BROWN10 for 10% off your purchase, but that excludes Montblanc. La Couronne du Comte Banner

This gorgeous pen with strips of abalone shell definitely warranted a review – even though it’s actually Azizah’s pen.

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S.T. Dupont Liberté Pearl White and Palladium Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by Iguana Sell – thank you!  I’ve received a lot of review requests for the S.T. Dupont brand, so I am grateful for this review opportunity.


Just a reminder that Iguana Sell will attend and sponsor the Madrid Pen Show this year! On the first day of the show, Friday November 18, in the afternoon, Azizah and I will be at the Iguana Sell table. Anyone interested in checking out some fountain pens, inks, or chatting about them, please come over!

For an extra 5% discount off your purchase, you can use the discount code: ‘IGUANAPENSHOW’ on all Iguana Sell’s sites: www.iguanasell.com, www.iguanasell.es, www.iguanasell.co.uk, www.iguanasell.de, www.iguanasell.fr. Valid from Thursday, November 17 to Sunday, November 20, 2016.

Length (capped): 140.8 mm/5.54″
Length (uncapped): 126.3 mm/4.97″
Length (posted): 140.1 mm/5.51″
Diameter (barrel): 7.9 – 11.2 mm/0.31″ – 0.44″
Diameter (section): 7.7 – 9.9 mm/0.30″ – 0.39″
Weight (all): 38 g
Weight (cap):  14 g
Weight (body): 24 g
s-t-dupont-liberte-pearl-white-and-palladium-fountain-pen-review-1 s-t-dupont-liberte-pearl-white-and-palladium-fountain-pen-review-2 s-t-dupont-liberte-pearl-white-and-palladium-fountain-pen-review-3 s-t-dupont-liberte-pearl-white-and-palladium-fountain-pen-review-4 s-t-dupont-liberte-pearl-white-and-palladium-fountain-pen-review-5 s-t-dupont-liberte-pearl-white-and-palladium-fountain-pen-review-6

Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Stabilis Ancient Glass Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly sent over by Franklin-Christophh – thank you!  I like the very-popular antique glass finish of this pen, and Model 66 is a very nice model: large, comfortable, and with a special, Mike Masuyama-tuned nib.

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