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Consult the Doctor Episode 32

With today:
00:20 Pens that dry out quickly
03:15 Shops that sell non-Parker ink
04:15 Indelible ink
05:25 Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Graphology

Consult the Doctor Episode 31

With today:
00:20 Are eyedroppers best for flex writing?
04:55 Why are people obsessed with eyedropper-filling pens that aren’t meant to be used like that?
11:15 Why does my pen have flow issues after cleaning it?
20:10 Why do North-American reviewers have bigger cups than European reviewers?

Consult the Doctor Episode 25

With today:
00:15 Air exchange in converters vs. other filling systems
03:05 Ink superiority
06:50 Different section materials and their effects
09:20 What do ink colours say about the user?

Consult the Doctor Episode 24

With today:
00:30 How to improve my handwriting without ruining my pen?
04:40 How to clean ink off your hands
07:20 Is there life after Tomoe River paper? (https://www.fudefan.com/2021/06/tomoe-river/)
13:13 Why Is the room you record in so empty?

Consult the Doctor Episode 23

With today:
00:10 Why have American pen companies lost popularity to companies from other countries
05:13 Are bigger nibs wetter?
07:40 Are demonstrators actually safe for inks, considering light exposure
10:34 Why are so many manufacturers switching from Bock to JoWo nibs?