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Consult the Doctor Episode 25

With today:
00:15 Air exchange in converters vs. other filling systems
03:05 Ink superiority
06:50 Different section materials and their effects
09:20 What do ink colours say about the user?

Consult the Doctor Episode 24

With today:
00:30 How to improve my handwriting without ruining my pen?
04:40 How to clean ink off your hands
07:20 Is there life after Tomoe River paper? (https://www.fudefan.com/2021/06/tomoe-river/)
13:13 Why Is the room you record in so empty?

Consult the Doctor Episode 23

With today:
00:10 Why have American pen companies lost popularity to companies from other countries
05:13 Are bigger nibs wetter?
07:40 Are demonstrators actually safe for inks, considering light exposure
10:34 Why are so many manufacturers switching from Bock to JoWo nibs?

Consult the Doctor Episode 22

00:00 Why does my pen suddenly write more wetly?
03:55 Do inks get darker with age?
08:00 Are ebonite feeds more expensive to produce than plastic feeds? If they’re better, why do so many companies use plastic feeds?
12:10 Is it better to explore multiple pens or to buy one flagship pen?

Consult the Doctor Episode 21

With today:

00:00 Do all converters function equally well?
03:06 Is my Stipula Etruria nib corroded and why does it leak?
06:50 Is there anything consumers can do to improve the QC of fountain pen companies?
11:10 Why do some people like modern pens and others vintage, from a psychological perspective, and why is there such a divide?

Consult the Doctor Episode 11

With today:

00:35 What’s the purpose of the metal coil in some converters?
05:08 Special care and maintenance for permanent inks?
10:42 Do you dip the whole section or just the converter into the ink?
16:50 How do you clean and maintain ebonite? Should you wax it?


Consult the Doctor, Episode 4

In this episode:

00:33 My top 3 inks.
01:30 Heirloom pen recommendations?
02:56 Why use an O-ring when eyedropper-converting a pen? Is it necessary to use one?
04:38 What is the warning signal that you’re about to spring a gold nib?
07:24 Why does my ink not dry up on the page?
10:12 What refill fits a Lamy rollerball?
11:28 Are there inks that don’t stain demonstrators?
14:10 Why does my Ahab spit ink?
17:31 When does an interest in fountain pens become concerning?
24:21 Why won’t my Jinhao write?
28:20 Are oblique nibs better for left-handed users?
33:36 Are you disappointed in the Visconti Homo Sapiens (Power-Filler) ink capacity?
34:59 Can I fix the nib and feed that keep rotating and falling out of my vintage pen?

Consult the Doctor, Episode 3

In this episode:

00:46 Why does my converter empty itself immediately after filling it?
03:22 Talking about titanium nibs.
06:22 Does a fountain pen adapt to your handwriting?
08:59 Is there such a thing as a fountain pen that is particularly suited for people with arthtritis?
11:40 Is there such a think as Serious Sloshage of ink in a demonstrator?
13:50 Why are the bottom corners on the pages of some notebooks perforated?
15:08 Why do some pens dry out after a few weeks of non-use while others don’t?
16:34 Why don’t all medium nibs have the same line width?
19:28 Are there pens that don’t have a slippery grip section?
21:08 Why won’t my pen write when I rotate the nib a little bit
22:23 Would you recommend fine or medium nibs for everyday use?
24:10 How can the same ink be darker or lighter in two different pens?

Consult the Doctor, Episode 2

In this episode:

00:42 Are all ultra broad nibs stubs?
02:38 What is the broadest non-stub you’ve ever used?
03:13 Do M800 and M1000 3Bs provide the same line width?
04:25 Which piston-fillers have the most generous ink capacity?
06:33 Is there a better M or B for lefthanders?
07:48 You have lots of pens. Which two are your favourites?
09:50 How many bottles of ink do you have? What do you look for in an ink?
12:11 What do you use your pens for?
13:20 How should I orient an italic/stub to the paper?
15:30 How do you fill a piston-filler without staining the celluloid?
16:57 Do all CON-20 converters leak?
18:54 What is my (new) pen cleaning routine?
22:55 Are modern iron-gall inks safe for modern and vintage pens?
26:37 Can you recommend a sub $100 music nib pen to draw music notes?
30:42 Did Private Reserve Quick Drying ink destroy my pen?
34:26 Can you recommend some nice everyday inks and an alternative to Parker Penman Sapphire
38:11 How many pens have you broken and could you fix them?
40:22 Can you compare a Pilot Varsity and a Pelikan M1000 in M?
41:30 23k Palladium Visconti vs. 18k OMAS nibs fr everyday writing?
44:11 Can you recommend 10 fountain pen from $100-$400?
44:55 Why do my Parker Sonnets with snap caps get ink on the section?

Consult the Doctor, Episode 1

In this new series of videos, I answer pen-related questions I receive from viewers.  In this episode:

00:07 Introduction
01:54 I cleaned my pen, but now the ink is lighter than before. What to do?
04:03 Can you recommend a good pen under $50?
06:40 Lamy Joy vs. Lamy Safari?
08:02 Can you recommend a good pen between GBP 100-120?
10:20 Can you use all ink brands in all pen brands?
12:52 M800 vs. M1000 for daily note-taking?
15:11 M1000 vs. 149 vs. Dolcevita Oversize?