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Van der Spek Custom Large Pen Pouch Overview

I ordered this custom pen pouch for larger pens through Van der Spek’s website. I thought I’d just share this, in case anyone else is interested.

Van der Spek Box

The box, embossed with the company’s logo

Van der Spek Custom Pouch

The custom Van der Spek pouch in its box

Van der Spek Custom Pouch

This custom pouch holds oversized pens; from left to right: Namiki Emperor, Armando Simini Club Bologna Extra, Visconti Speakeasy

Tilburg Pen Show 2014 Carry

When you attend a pen show, it’s a good idea to take your own notebook for sampling pens and for trying everyone else’s pens! It’s nice to be able to take it home with you to see what you liked (for your next pen show, or for your next buy). Sometimes paper is provided by vendors, but not always.

I took a Colsen Keane No. 410 Scotch Grunge Field Notes Cover with me with a Clairefontaine Back to Basics Bob Foundation Waves pocket notebook, yes, in pink, and a Field Notes kraft cover notebook. I also carried a Tactile Turn Shaker in copper, for jotting things down. As for fountain pens (not pictured), I had a Kaweco Sport Calligraphy Pen with a 1.9 mm nib inked with Conway Stewart Kingsand, a Visconti Opera Crystal 1.3 mm stub inked with Kaweco Paradise Blue, an Edison Menlo 1.1 mm inked with Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium, and a Sailor 1911 Standard Music nib inked with Sailor Jentle Apricot.

Tilburg Pen Show 2014 Carry 1 Tilburg Pen Show 2014 Carry 2 Tilburg Pen Show 2014 Carry 3