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OMAS Milord London Fog Fountain Pen Review

My friend Peter lent me this pen – thank you!  Every Milord I’ve ever held is a piston-filler, so I blindly assumed this model was too, but it is a cartridge-converter pen.  I am so sorry for not getting that right in the video: this shows the importance of empiricism!

Length (capped): 145.4 mm/5.73″
Length (uncapped): 132.8 mm/5.23″
Length (posted): 175.2 mm/6.90″
Diameter (barrel): 11.2 – 13.4 mm/0.44″ – 0.53″
Diameter (section): 10.2 – 11.5 mm/0.40″ – 0.46″
Weight (all): 27 g
Weight (cap): 16.5 g
Weight (body): 10.5 g