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OHTO Dude Fountain Pen Review

If you’re in the market for a fairly inexpensive metal pen, this may be it. The pen was sent to me by a kind viewer.

Length (capped): 135.2 mm/5.32″
Length (uncapped): 125.7 mm/4.59″
Length (posted): 156.0 mm/6.13″
Diameter (barrel): 10.4 – 11.1 mm/0.40″ – 0.43″
Diameter (section): 7.6 – 9.9 mm/0.30″ – 0.39″
Weight (all): 26 g
Weight (cap): 6 g
Weight (body): 20 g

Ohto Dude Ohto Dude Ohto Dude Ohto Dude Ohto Dude Ohto Dude

Entry Level Fountain Pens

Note: Prices may have changed since this video was made, and pens may have been discontinued. Updated version coming soon!

In this video, I cover a number of ‘entry level’ fountain pens that are fairly cheap (ranging from about $3.30 to about $28.00) and that I consider to be good ‘beginner’s’ pens. Clearly, some of these are a bit more high end than the others, and the fact that they’re cheap does NOT mean they are bad pens!

For your convenience, I’ve put the pens with price indications and filling mechanisms down here, in the same order I discuss them in the video.

1. Pilot Petit1, $3.30, Pilot cartrdiges;
2. Platinum Preppy, $3.95, Platinum cartridges/converter [?]/eyedropper conversion;
3. Noodler’s piston-filler, $14.00, piston-filler fills from bottled ink;
4. Ohto F-Spirit, $16.50, cartridges (I think international cartridges will fit)/converter;
5. Parker Vector, $24.00, Parker cartridges/converter;
6. Kaweco Sport Classic, $21.00, international cartridges/Monteverde mini converter/eyedropper conversion;
7. Lamy Nexx 88 M, $28.00 [price went up!], Lamy catridges/Lamy Z24 converter;
8. Noodler’s Aerometric, $24.00, aerometric converter (supplied w/pen)/eyedropper conversion.

Something went wrong with the still photos at the end of the video. If you need high-resolution pictures of the writing, send me a message and I’ll e-mail them!