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Wing Sung 322 Fountain Pen with Fude Nib Review

Let’s have a look at this Wing Sung 322 pen that was sent to me by Abel.

Length (capped): 131.5 mm/5.18”
Length (uncapped): 118.8 mm/4.68”
Length (posted): 147.5 mm/5.81 mm
Diameter (section): 7.8 – 9.4 mm/0.31” – 0.37”
Diameter (barrel): 7.7 – 10.1 mm/0.30” – 0.40”
Weight (all): 16.0 g
Weight (cap): 10.0 g
Weight (body): 6.0 g

Italix Churchman’s Prescriptor Nib Lineup

Mr Peter Ford of MrPen very kindly sent me the complete lineup of 10 nibs he sells for the Churchman’s Prescriptor model.  A very exciting opportunity to demonstrate how each of these nibs write.

Italic Churchman's Prescriptor Nibs

Top to bottom: Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Left-Foot Non-Italic Broad, Right-Foot Non-Italic Broad, Left-Foot Italic Broad, Right-Foot Italic Broad, Extra Broad Italic, Extra Broad Cursive