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Ooly Splendid Fountain Pen Review

Let’s have a look at an affordable pen!

Length (capped): 137.7 mm/5.42”
Length (uncapped): 125.9 mm/4.96”
Length (posted): 148.9 mm/5.86”
Diameter (section): 10.3 – 11.1 mm/0.41” – 0.44”
Diameter (barrel): 8.9 – 12.2 mm/0.35” – 0.48”
Weight (all): 13.5 g
Weight (cap): 9.0 g
Weight (body): 4.5 g

Pelikan Pelikano P456 Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly sent to me by Mathijs – thank you!

Length (capped): 131.7 mm/5.18”
Length (uncapped): 122.4 mm/4.82”
Length (posted): 148.9/5.86”
Diameter (section): 9.1 – 10.2 mm/0.36” – 0.40”
Diameter (barrel): 9.2 – 11.1 mm/0.36” – 0.44”
Weight (all): 16 g
Weight (cap): 7 g
Weight (body): 9.0 g

On Nibmeisters

I thought that today, we would talk a bit about nibmeisters: people who tune and grind nibs.

Here are some of my favourite nibmeisters:

Michael Masuyama
Dan Smith
Mark Bacas
John Mottishaw
Linda and Mike Kennedy
Pendleton Brown
Richard Binder, retired, but great reference pages
And many others: run a google search for nibmeister…