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Magna Carta Emotions Power Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by my friend Murray – get yours here.

Length (capped): 143.1 mm/5.63”
Length (uncapped): 134.9 mm/5.31”
Length (posted): NA
Diameter (section): 11.4—13.4 mm/0.45—0.53”
Diameter (barrel): 10.7 – 16.4 mm/ 0.42” – 0.64″
Weight (all): 32 g
Weight (body): 21 g
Weight (cap): 11 g

Leonardo MomentoZero Grande Dutch Pen Show 2022 Fountain Pen Review

Thank you to Appelboom for lending me this fountain pen
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Length (capped): 152.7 mm/6.01”
Length (uncapped): 135.7 mm/ 5.34”
Length (posted): 172.9mm/ 6.81”
Diameter (section): 12.0—12.9mm/0.47—0.51”
Diameter (barrel): 11.1—15.6mm/0.44—0.62”
Weight (all): 31.0 g
Weight (body): 19 g
Weight (cap): 12 g


Edison Pens Collier Grande with #8 Nib Fountain Pen Review

These pens were kindly lent to me by Brian Gray of Edison Pens – thank you!

Length (capped): 158.5 mm/6.24”
Length (uncapped): 139.4 mm/5.48”
Length (posted): NA
Diameter (section): 11.5—13.7mm/0.46—0.54”
Diameter (barrel): 13.7 mm – 16.8 mm/ 0.54” – 0.66″
Weight (all): 33 g
Weight (body): 20.5 g
Weight (cap): 12.5 g

I forgot to mention in the video that these pens come with a fountain pen-friendly notepad made in-house by Edison Pens and some silicone grease to maintain the filling system.

Otto Hutt Design 08 Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by Otto Hutt – thank you!  Remember that you can get a 10% discount on Otto Hutt products at Appelboom by clicking the Appelboom banner to the right.

Length (capped): 146.5 mm/5.77”
Length (uncapped): 137.5 mm/5.41”
Length (posted): 179.7 mm/7.07”
Diameter (section): 10.3 – 11.9 mm/0.41 – 0.47”
Diameter (barrel): 13.9 –  12.1 mm/0.37 – 0.48”
Weight (all): 81.0 g
Weight (body): 55.5 g
Weight (cap): 25.5 g