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Titan 720 3D Printed Pen Review

This pen was kindly made for me by my friend William, who can be contacted here. I do not have his email address and cannot give you any other methods to reach him.

Length (capped): 167.4 mm/6.59”
Length (uncapped): 153.4 mm/6.04”
Length (posted): 187.9 mm/7.40”
Diameter (section): 15.2 – 17.6 mm/0.60” – 0.69”
Diameter (barrel): 14.3 – 20.6 mm/0.56” – 0.81”
Weight (all): 47.0 g
Weight (cap): 8.5 g
Weight (body): 38.5 g

Atelier Lusso Carina 15 Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly lent to me by my fiend Simar.  It turns out the finial medallions are friction-fit and can be pushed in a bit to realign their position, so please disregard that criticism. Get yours here.

Length (capped): 151.3 mm/5.96”
Length (uncapped): 138.6 mm/5.46”
Length (posted): 178.9 mm/7.04″
Diameter (section): 12.4 – 13.7 mm/0.49” – 0.54”
Diameter (barrel): 12.2 – 15.2 mm/0.48” – 0.60”
Weight (all): 32.5 g
Weight (cap): 18.0 g
Weight (body): 14.5 g

Hooligan Pens Custom Pen Review

This pen was lent to me by Tim of Hooligan Pens.

Length (capped): 174.2 mm/6.86”
Length (uncapped): 152.6 mm/6.01”
Length (posted): 206.2 mm/8.11”
Diameter (section): 14.2 – 14.9 mm/0.56” – 0.58”
Diameter (barrel): 13.0 – 16.5 mm/0.51” – 0.65”
Weight (all): 35.5 g
Weight (cap): 25.0 g
Weight (body): 10.5 g

William Shakour 3D Printed Fountain Pen

This pen was made by William Shakour. You can get your own from him here (no website at this moment).

Length (capped): 170.0 mm/6.69”
Length (uncapped): 156.1 mm/6.15”
Length (posted): N/A
Diameter (section): 14.3 – 18.5 mm/0.56 – 0.73”
Diameter (barrel): 14.5 – 19.5 mm/0.57” – 0.77”
Weight (all): 46.0 g
Weight (cap): 37.0 g
Weight (body): 9.0 g

Chatting About My Pens Part 7: Italian Pens (Stipula, Leonardo)

In this new series of videos, I chat about my pens. There will be no writing samples here: if you’re interested in that, please check out my reviews of the individual pens or see my Personal Pens videos.

In this seventh installment, I talk about my Italian (non-Visconti) pens, made by Stipula and Leonardo.

Fred Faggionato Pétrarque Le Majestic with Titanium Nib Fountain Pen Review

This pen was kindly sent to me by Papier Plume.

Length (capped): 131.6 mm/5.18″
Length (uncapped): 128.1 mm/5.04″
Length (posted): 162.8 mm/6.41”
Diameter (section): 9.9 – 10.4 mm/0.38″ – 0.41″
Diameter (barrel): 10.7 – 12.4 mm/0.42″ – 0.48″
Weight (all): 17.5 g
Weight (cap): 7.0 g
Weight (body): 10.5 g

Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego Fountain Pen Review

Let’s have a closer look at one of my personal fountain pens with a lovely titanium nib.

Length (capped): 150.5 mm/5.92″
Length (uncapped): 130.5 mm/5.14″
Length (posted): N/A
Diameter (section): 10.6 – 13.8 mm/0.41″ – 0.54″
Diameter (barrel): 13.2 – 15.5 mm/0.52″ – 0.61″
Weight (all): 42 g
Weight (cap): 26 g
Weight (body): 16 g

Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego

My Personal Pens: Stipula Etruria Magnifica Alter Ego

This Stipula Etruria Magnifica in the Alter Ego finish is a nice, large pen with a clever piston mechanism.  Although I like the finish, this pen is particularly special to me because of the very fascinating titanium nib, which is very springy and has excellent “snap-back”. This pen was limited to 351 fountain pens.  I have not yet done a full review of this pen, but I will record one when I get a chance.