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Architect Nibs: Their Theory and Practice

I thought it would be interesting to talk about the increasingly popular architect nibs, also known as Hebrew or Arabic grinds. My personal (one and only) architect nib was ground by Salman of the Toronto Pen Company.  I quoted a price of $45 CAD for this grind in the video: that should have been $50 CAD – sorry!

Skillshare: Learning Calligraphy and Free Trial

I was contacted by SkillShare to talk about their website.  I liked what I saw a lot: SkillShare offers a lot of online classes that might be very helpful to my viewers, for example in the field of learning calligraphy, hand lettering, etc.  And, perhaps even better, SkillShare kindly gives my viewers a free two-month trial to take as many classes as they like.

If you’re interested in that offer, please check it out – and if you need it, use the promo code SBREBROWN.  This applies on memberships of one year, so it does mean you are committed for a full year. If you do not want to sign up for the full year and pay the membership fee, you MUST cancel the trial before the trial period ends, or the membership fee will be charged to the card you provided.

This post was sponsored by SkillShare.