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Namiki Yukari Royale Vermillion Fountain Pen Review

This pen was lent to me by my friend Hélène (who is very nice, but has too many diacritics in her name ;-)).

Length (capped): 149.1 mm/5.87″
Length (uncapped): 134.3 mm/5.28″
Length (posted): N/A
Diameter (section): 11.0 – 13.2 mm/0.43″ – 0.52″
Diameter (barrel): 12.0 – 14.5 mm/0.47″ – 0.56″
Weight (all): 46.5 g
Weight (cap): 16.5 g
Weight (body): 30 g

Chatting About My Pens Part 2: Urushi Fountain Pens (Namiki, Danitrio)

In this new series of videos, I chat about my pens. There will be no writing samples here: if you’re interested in that, please check out my reviews of the individual pens or see my Personal Pens videos.

In this second installment, I talk about my urushi pens, made by Namiki and Danitrio.

My Personal Pens: Namiki Emperor Vermillion

The Namiki Emperor is a great pen, in every sense of the word.  It’s a giant ebonite pen, which is then lacquered with urushi.  The nib is Namiki’s #50 – and it’s enormous and a little springy (contrary to the modern Emperor nibs, which are stiffer, as I understand).  A behemoth, this eyedropper-filled pen with a one-way shutoff valve holds about 6 ml of ink – so I can use this for weeks without having to re-ink it.  If you are interested, I have also recorded a full review of this pen.  This beautiful pen was a gift from Azizah, which makes it all the more special.

GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Fountain Pens 2016

This is one of my favourite videos of the year, because it allows me to share my love for a specific set of pens with you!

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Namiki Yukari Nightline Moonlight Fountain Pen Review

This pen was purchased at La Couronne du Comte. You can use the code BROWN10 for 10% off your purchase, but that excludes Montblanc. La Couronne du Comte Banner

This gorgeous pen with strips of abalone shell definitely warranted a review – even though it’s actually Azizah’s pen.

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